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Why play with England in a draw or trace Zavarov

2012-10-17 01:28 Why play with England in a draw or trace Zavarov You know never wrote a flea ...

Why play with England in a draw or trace Zavarov

You know never wrote a flea itself, the maximum that you threw news, well believe it got.

From the beginning of the game my beloved DYNAMO-okay jester gone. Well, when I have thought that the national team of the country could lose as much from a lack of Blokhin

That it was for the team today, no zeal, no aggression, which had become of that team for Blokhin played mainly in attack.

The last match was thinking, okay, well, no luck here already visible trend called trace Zavarova.Vy know I walked as if in the past where our team has been an outsider group, and why was a draw with England.

I look at it all and see what can be seen next to what is being done in our country where people do not then do not decide for them-and decide everything.

I appeal to the Directorate-site you journalists, we the people, football fan, tell me how to influence what is happening in our football? I'm not talking about the refereeing of contracts arnica, everyone knows about it, well, nothing to do can not, well, sorry I am Ukrainian and I do not want to see this team, national team

After the game, the team with England, I thought about the first place-now think of as not to disgrace the country. For all this is necessary as that influence, not just on the UTB watch over us always make decisions-coach-one who nravitsa-president of the Ukrainian football ENOUGH

I am ashamed of today's match - and I'm afraid that, so now would be often.'s Time that we change

Sorry for emotions and a grammar

17.10.2012, 01:28
17.10.2012, 01:28
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