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Открытое письмо Пьерлуиджи Коллине. Английская версия, вариант 3

2013-08-12 18:03 Сначала - о происхождении третьей версии. Я направил обе версии носителям языка, которых просил высказать свое ...

Сначала - о происхождении третьей версии.

Я направил обе версии носителям языка, которых просил высказать свое мнение по поводу обеих. С их точки зрения, оба перевода были несколько "русскими", поэтому НА ОСНОВЕ ОБДОЙ ИЗ ДВУХ, которую они выбрали самостоятельно, было внесено ряд правок, как-бы привнося определенный американский оттенок.

Резултатом такой доводки и стал предложенный ниже текст.

Dear Mr Collina.

We the Ukrainian football fans feel it is our obligation to write this letter to you after some shady events have been happening in Ukrainian football for more than a year.

Regrettably, some financial group, a football club and its president have created a mechanism of suppressing all commonly accepted principles of a good sportsmanship and the fair play in all areas of Ukrainian football. One of these areas you are currently representing.

We have no doubt that you know the club and president we are talking about. Your experience and professionalism have surely allowed you to adapt to the day-to-day realities of our country, its people and the principles that dominate the Ukrainian football.

We realize that you cannot put yourself against the aforementioned suppression mechanism and have never thought of doing so. We hoped that after accepting your job offer, you had planned to eliminate a broad spectrum of existing problems, as well as to bring the Ukrainian referees to a new professional level.

As the time has passed, you cannot ignore the fact that there is no improvement. This, first and foremost, is not because you did something wrong, but rather due to the fact that Ukrainian referees are under immense pressure from the certain people that are called 'cosa nostra' in your own country. We do not have any doubts that being a true professional you realized a long time ago that the Ukrainian referees do not serve football on the pitch. They do not serve Justice. They do not serve the principles of sportsmanship. They have another goal, another task and another purpose. Therefore, any attempts to reform Ukrainian referees without first changing their perception and life values are going to fail.

We believe that you will not be able to improve the fundamentally corrupt culture, as it continues to live on its own accord, corrupt and perverse.

We understand that you are financially secure, and it is not the financial side that has motivated you to accept your current role. Unfortunately, any attempts to turn your staff into the professional and unbiased specialists are the road to an inevitable failure. Keeping in mind that you are an intelligent and uncompromising person, we are not going to mention any particular examples of the issues your staff is having. That would mean that we doubt your professionalism and imply that we think you lack knowledge or understanding in your area, and we certainly do not think that way.

We are asking you to make a responsible decision that would go in line with your image as a courageous man: publicly resign from your current position as the head of the referees for the Ukrainian Football Federation and leave Ukraine, since goals you have set are impossible to accomplish.

We assure you that this step will have a greater positive impact on the Ukrainian football, referees and fans than the attempts to inspire Ukrainian referees to improve their work quality. So far, the only improvement we have seen is that they have made a substantial progress in getting the results the aforementioned group, club and person want.

We are certain that after making this decision, you will have tremendous respect in the world's football community. A community that watches in horror as corruption in Ukrainian football manifests itself via constant fighting, corruption scandals, inadequate decisions made by the ruling body, not to mention the proven examples of the match fixing.

Our football is drowning in corruption and lies, flooded by the criminals who lack basic moral principles. Your decision to stay will be a silent approval of the things that are going on in our football, and it will tarnish your reputation as a truthful and sincere person.

Just like Sisyphus, forever doomed to fail in his attempts to bring a large stone to the top of the hill, you will not be able to reform the Ukrainian referees. Corruption that has paralyzed our football with its deadly grip will not let go.

Please understand that we and you are very much alike. We also have no one to support us in our fight against the corruption. Just like for you, there is no support for us in our attempt to change the Ukrainian football. No matter how many times you try to tell your staff the basic rules and principles of refereeing, it all will be dwarfed by their fear of those who think they own the Ukrainian football.

We are sure that you understand that it is not you your subordinates are afraid of, and we are pretty sure that the names of those they are are well known to you by now.

You serve the football justice system, you are professional and sincere. Unfortunately there is no place for Justice in Ukrainian football right now. The time has come to ask yourself whether Ukrainian football still has a place for you.

With sincere and deepest respect,

Ukrainian football fans.

12.08.2013, 18:03
12.08.2013, 18:03
150830 3 mdreval, Mikulov, bora13
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