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Alexandr Golovko: Dynamo K - Rapid

2013-12-15 07:31 Former Dynamo K defender Alexandr Golovko analyzes 6th group game of Europa League Dynamo K - ...

Former Dynamo K defender Alexandr Golovko analyzes 6th group game of Europa League Dynamo K - Rapid (3:1)

  • What is you general impression of this game? If "Dynamo" couldn't equalize that fast, than maybe Blokhin's team would have some problems for some time. But in any case I was sure that "Dynamo" will win this game: the level of performers of our team is much higher than in "Rapid".

And so is the levels of teamwork and national championship. "Dynamo" goes to winter break being second in the Ukrainian championship, the team stabilized the composition of players and it starts to look for winning game strategy. Because of all this, independently from the fact that "Dynamo" concede a goal fast, they have more chances to win the game. Very important factor was Alexandr Shovkovsky, who made couple of saves that the other goalkeeper couldn't do. But if "Dynamo" concede second goal, then there will be nervousness. Only in this case game could have been gone by different scenario.
  • Looking at the previous game in Genk, were you afraid what might happen in this game? No. I was not, because the game in Genk was very independent game. It needs to be looked at from different angle. Every team in our championship have games like this. It is very hard to know why they are happenning. But we have to say that 70-80% of the players was indifferent. And so in this case we shouldn't talk about football, but about psychological aspect. Yes we can say that the team didn't fly out in time, but the players shouldn't play below their own level. So the Genk' game was, lightly saying, not very good. And I wouldn't build something based on its result. Game with "Rapid" - its and independent game that took place after some time which players had to rethink what happened in Genk. Sometimes happens that you have to have one bad game in order to show some bad moments. Its good, when everything is good, you winning all games. But game with Genk opened too many things on which coaches didn't pay close attention to. So I think that bad play "Dynamo" in the previous game play a big role in this game winning.

  • About psychology. Before the game with "Rapid" there was many quesrtion to Blokhin about "suitcase mood" of the team before the end of the first half of the season. Can you, as the person that knows about it firsthand, tell us how this mood influences the game that is the last game before the break? How hard is to play it? No, it is not that hard. We are talking about eurocup game, not about some passage-through one. Eurocup games are separate and "suitcase mood" can't affect it. Yes, it is present - people are planning their vacation, it is human nature. But to say that the player think about it more than about eurocup game - I can't.

  • But at the same time players don't want to "break" right before vacation... You can "break" even standing up from the bed. We had such examples. Andrij Shevchenko once got problems with the knee from simply incorrectly turning. Also, if you will be afraid to "break", you will "break". It depends on the head. But yesterday I didn't see a vacation mood in the "Dynamo"' playing. There was problems with the teamwork. And result was made by the realization of the higher grade of its players, which is, I repeat, much higher than "Rapid" player have.

  • Goal episode, Lens, 1st minute.

    15.12.2013, 07:31
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