Control match. "Dynamo U-19" — "Zorya U-19" — 1:0. Match report

2023-02-03 13:16 On Friday, February 3, the Dynamo youth team held another sparring session as part of the ... Control match. "Dynamo U-19" — "Zorya U-19" — 1:0. Match report
03.02.2023, 13:16

On Friday, February 3, the Dynamo youth team held another sparring session as part of the training camp in Turkey. Today's opponent of Ihor Kostyuk's wards was Luhansk "Zorya U-19" for the second time.


Control match

"Dynamo U-19"-"Zorya U-19» — 1:0 (1:0)
Goal: Baby (5).

"Dynamo U-19»: Avramenko (Pohorily, 46), Gusev, Balaba, Eremenko, Benedyuk (K), Malysh, Matkevich, Vasylets (Yanchyshyn, 71), Boychenyuk (Groholsky, 71; Vasylets, 88), Slesar (Gorbach, 88), Horbach (Zorenko, 46).

"Zorya U-19» (starting line-up): Surkis, Rudenko, Zakharchenko, Korobov, Skochelyas, Ishchenko, Osypenko, Bily, Kalyn, Pashko, Ponomarenko. Substitutes: Shevchenko, Lobko, Kuzyk, Kuzmenko, Zadorozhny.

The match took place on the central field of the Mardan sports complex and took place under the close supervision of "Dynamo" president Ihor Surkis, the coaching staff of the "Dynamo" first team and the coach of the youth national team of Ukraine U-17 Yury Moroz in the stands.

The first meeting of the teams a week ago was productive and ended with a minimal advantage of the "white and blue" in the score - 3:2. Today's opponents also showed uncompromising and unyielding play, which was accompanied by a lot of fighting and collisions, despite the friendly status of the match.

Dynamo managed to take the lead already in the debut of the game - in the 5th minute, Igor Horbach shot from the right wing, Navin Malysh rushed to the center of the penalty area and accurately closed the pass. Soon, Horbach himself had a chance to stand out, making a dangerous shot at the goal of "Zora", but the goalkeeper of Luhansk, Vyacheslav Surkis, reacted to the shot and transferred the ball to a corner.

The Luhansk team responded with Osypenko's shot, which Avramenko dealt with, fixing the ball in his hands. Later, Malysh could have scored a double by striking sharply from the edge of the penalty area, but this shot was blocked by the Zorya defender.

The first half ended with one more moment created by Dynamo: Slesar took the ball in the center of the field, raided the other side's penalty area and passed to Horbach, but Ihor shot wide.

After the teams returned to the field from the locker room, Dynamo pressed the opponents to the goal again - Slesar and Malysh, who blocked Gusev's cross from the right wing, made dangerous runs. But "Zorya", after a series of substitutions, gradually leveled the game and began to develop attacks with great strength.

At the end of the match, the advantage was again on the side of Dynamo, but the "white and blue" did not manage to turn a number of created moments into a scored ball. In the 83rd minute, the goal post of "Zorya" did not allow "Dynamo" to increase the score, standing in the way of a shot by Slesar, who was completing a quick vertical attack from the left flank. Soon after, Gusev's header went over the crossbar. And the "Zorya" goalkeeper was ready for Groholsky's shot after a pass by Benedyuk, who successfully fought for the ball.

In the result, "Dynamo" won a minimal victory in combat sparring. The next test match of Ihor Kostyuk's wards is scheduled for February 5. Dynamo boys will play with the Kyrgyz U20 national team.

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