Oleg Matveyev: "Shakhtar lacks skill"

2023-11-29 19:51 Former Shakhtar Donetsk footballer Oleg Matveyev commented on yesterday's match between his former team and Antwerp ... Oleg Matveyev: "Shakhtar lacks skill"
29.11.2023, 19:51

Former Shakhtar Donetsk footballer Oleg Matveyev commented on yesterday's match between his former team and Antwerp (1-0) in the Champions League Round of 5 on UPL TV.

Oleg Matveev

- The football was not very spectacular, but it was interesting. It was a tough game for Shakhtar. In the first half, the Miners had the initiative - they controlled the ball, attacked more and were sharper, scored a quick goal. And after the break, they gave up the initiative and played according to the result. But I really liked the way all the guys worked hard in defence and showed their Shakhtar character, beyond belief.

- Comment on the goal you scored...

- Zubkov made a good save, the ball was not high, I had to find my player. Matvienko was ahead of his keeper, put his head up well and scored.

- Were you worried in the second half that the Belgians might put the pressure on?

- Yes, there was! On the one hand, I can't say that they are very fast, but they were stuck in a pile-up and their constant crosses and deliveries made me nervous. There was a moment when Bondarenko failed to score from a one-on-one and the immediate return attack turned out to be very dangerous.

- Pušić's Shakhtar do not score more than one goal per game. Why?

- Somewhere there is a lack of finishing skills, although Sikan, Neverton and Zubkov are quite skilled players, somewhere there is a lack of luck. We created a lot of chances. It was striking that they don't shoot anywhere, but control the ball competently, and also work out their zones. Previously, if this was not very evident in the league, it was noticeable in the CL. Now, after losses, the guys return to the ball line correctly and know what to do.

- Who was the best player of the match?

- I really liked Sudakov, Zubkov, Matvienko, Bondar and Stepanenko. I really like the difference in every match. He is a worthy replacement for Trubin, I am sure he has a great future.

- Do you see any chances for the CL play-offs?

- I would not be surprised if Shakhtar beat Porto away. All teams have already learned how to play. They just need a little more luck. I think Shakhtar will prepare well for this game and will be determined to win.

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