Freiburg - Lance - 3:2. Europa League. Match review, statistics

2024-02-22 22:23 On 22 February, one of the matches of the Europa League in football took place. Freiburg ... Freiburg - Lance - 3:2. Europa League. Match review, statistics
22.02.2024, 22:23

On 22 February, one of the matches of the Europa League in football took place. Freiburg (Germany) and Lance (France) met.

Фрайбург - Ланс - 3:2. Лига Европы. Обзор матча, статистикаФрайбург - Ланс - 3:2. Лига Европы. Обзор матча, статистика

Europa League

Freiburg (Germany) - Lance (France) - 3:2 (0:2)
Goals: Roland Sallai (67), Roland Sallai (90+2), Gregoric (99) - David da Costa (28), Sepe Elieu Vahi (45+2).

Warnings: Holer (43), L. Kübler (62), Frankowski (65), C. Streich (66), F. Sotoka (67), A. Fulgini (95), Facundo Medina (105+3).

Review of the match Freiburg - Lance:

In an exciting UEFA Europa League match between Freiburg and Lens at the Europa-Park Stadium, fans saw a thrilling comeback from the home side. Lens took the initiative in the first half, scoring two quick goals. In the 28th minute, D. Pereira da Costa opened the scoring, putting Lens ahead. In the 43rd minute, Freiburg player L. Holer received a yellow card, and just before the break E. Vahi doubled Lens' lead with a goal in the 45th minute. At the start of the second half, Freiburg made two substitutions: J. Makengo and K. Silsil. M. Gregoric and N. Weishaupt were replaced by J. Makengo and K. Sildillia respectively. The tension on the pitch became palpable: L. Kubler from Freiburg, P. Frankowski and F. Sotoka from Lens, as well as K. Streich from Freiburg received yellow cards.

In the 67th minute, Freiburg got back on track thanks to R. Sallai, giving hope to the home team's fans. Lens made two quick substitutions, replacing R. Aguilar and M. Gilavogui with P. Frankowski and E. Vahi. As time went on, Freiburg kept pressing and were rewarded with a goal by R. Sallai in the 90th minute, levelling the score 2-2. In the 99th minute, M. Gregoric scored Freiburg's winning goal, completing a remarkable comeback after two goals conceded at half-time. Both teams made additional substitutions, with M. Gulde, M. Rohl and K. Günther coming on for Freiburg, and J. Gradit, A. Diouf, S. Abdul Samed and W. Said. The match ended 3-2 in favour of Freiburg, much to the delight of the fans. It was a tense and dramatic match, which demonstrated the unpredictability of football in the Europa League.

Statistics of the match Freiburg - Lance:

Freiburg Lance
8 Kicks to the goal 8
24 Hits 12
5 Blocked shots 3
18 Penalty kicks 8
6 Penalty kicks 4
15 Offences 15
8 Corner 7
0 Offsides 0
49% Ball possession 51%
2 Yellow cards 4
0 Red cards 0
6 Keeper saves 6
542 Total assists 573
444 Accurate assists 469
82% Accuracy of passes 82%
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