Aleksandr Sirota: "We need to pass Partizan"

2024-06-24 15:17 Dynamo Kyiv defender Oleksandr Sirota talked about the start of the team's preparation for the new ... Aleksandr Sirota: "We need to pass Partizan"
24.06.2024, 15:17

Dynamo Kyiv defender Oleksandr Sirota talked about the start of the team's preparation for the new season, and also shared his expectations from the confrontation with Partizan in the Champions League qualification and the decisive match of the Ukrainian national team at Euro-2024 against Belgium.

Alexander Sirota. Photo: Y. Yuriev

- Alexander, what are your emotions before the start of the new season?

- Emotions are positive. We had almost a month of vacation, and since yesterday the team has already started preparing for the new season. Everyone was happy to see each other, besides, we have two newcomers. The atmosphere in the team is great as always.

- How were Pihalenka and Bragaru received? Was there anything special?

- No, but I think they will sing some song (smiles).

- During the vacation did you individually keep fit?

- Of course, everything is the same as always: we have a program, not to start from scratch now, everyone was preparing. So, I think, plus or minus, everyone is in the same condition.

- How many days of pure rest were there?

- Up to 10. It was completely enough for me.

- What is the principle of the individual training program?

- Everything is described step by step: from simple exercises, and then a gradual increase in loads.

- How was your vacation?

- Very well, I was with my wife here in Kiev. We had a good vacation.

- Tell us about the first trainings of the team.

- Now we have three days of "pulling in" one training session a day. Starting from Wednesday, we will have two trainings a day. And then we will go to the training camp in Austria.

- Are there any control matches planned in Kyiv before the trip to Austria?

- Frankly speaking, I don`t know anything about it.

- How do you like the European Championship?

- I like a lot of matches every day. I am worried about our guys, I hope they will beat Belgium. We need to believe in victory.

- What are your predictions for the match with Belgium?

- I think we have a very strong national team, and if they believe in their own strengths, they will beat the Belgians.

- Have you ever faced such a situation in the group as our national team has now at Euro 2024?

- No, to be honest, this is the first time I've seen such a situation. Of course, it is a unique situation when all the national teams in the group have equal points after two rounds. The best option is to beat Belgium, so as not to depend on the result of the parallel match.

- In the Champions League qualification Dynamo will meet Partizan. What do you think about this club?

- I think they are a good team. We need to pass them. That's all I will say.

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