Yuriy Moroz: "Zabarny will not be lost in the English championship. Neither in "Bournemouth", nor in "Manchester City"

2023-02-03 12:12 The head coach of the youth national team of Ukraine (U-17) Yuriy Moroz shared his thoughts ... Yuriy Moroz: "Zabarny will not be lost in the English championship. Neither in "Bournemouth", nor in "Manchester City"
03.02.2023, 12:12

The head coach of the youth national team of Ukraine (U-17) Yuriy Moroz shared his thoughts on the reason for the transfer of the Kyiv "Dynamo" defender Ilya Zabarny to the English "Bournemouth", named the candidates to replace him and described the qualities that will help the Ukrainian to gain a foothold in the EPL club.

Yury Moroz

Why does "Bournemouth" need Ilya Zabarny?

Ilya will not get lost in the English Championship. Not at Bournemouth, not at Tottenham, not at Manchester United, not at Manchester City. This will be a star player for Bournemouth. He is a good defender, can start attacks and has many skills that will be needed.

— Can it be said that Zabarny has progressed in the last six months?

— I believe that he has progressed everywhere. In the national team, in the club, in the European Cups. This is a guy who broke into our championship and decorated it with his game.

— What will help Zabarny to prove himself in the Premier League?

— I think he will show all his strengths. It is a springboard to big clubs like Manchester City and Manchester United. I see him only in such teams. I think that Bournemouth can stay in the Premier League and that's where he will prove himself. There are strong clubs and footballers in England, where he will only grow as a player.

— What does "Dynamo" lose with the departure of Zabarny?

- Difficult question. "Dynamo" loses a good player who cements the defense line, who starts attacks, who can give the correct development of the game, confidence. He demonstrated it on the football field.

Ilya is a leader in his own right. He needs to reveal these qualities on the football field as soon as possible, because then he will play better. At the moment, he is one of the leaders, like: Sydorchuk, Buyalskyi, Shaparenko. These are those who already have experience and calmness on the football field.

Ilya did not reveal this confidence, but he has great leadership qualities. In everyday life, he is what he should be, but on the field he should be worse. With every six months he grows, this is a strong character trait that will help him.

— Who will be the main candidate to replace Zabarny?

— There is an Orphan, a Popov and a Pain. They are powerful players, I don't think it will be a problem. Apparently, in the domestic championship, when there will be European cups, then there may be problems, but these guys have proven more than once that they are worthy of playing and fighting for the championship.

Anton Bol is a talented youngster, he lacks the confidence, the footballing anger to be a main player in the first team. If he shows himself in these components, then he will be a good player, competitive with Sirota and Popov.

- Zabarny is a record sale of "Dynamo". A player worth £25m?

— I believe it is worth more. But what happened, happened. Because this player is young, talented, thinking, doing great things. At this age, he is number one for me.

As much as I watched the championships of Germany, England and Italy, I did not see a single defender so young that he constantly played in the starting line-up at the age of 20 for three years in a row. The potential is huge.

"Dynamo" made the right transfer and it is important for the player to change the championship. He has outgrown our UPL, so let him go to England, which is now strong and powerful. This is good for the national team: Zabarny will grow as a football player.

Artem Zhilinskyi

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