Romanian fans: "Who would have thought that Ukraine would be the main outsider in our group?"

2024-06-18 13:53 Romanian fans are delighted with their team's performance and admit that they were too respectful of ... Romanian fans: "Who would have thought that Ukraine would be the main outsider in our group?"
18.06.2024, 13:53

Romanian fans are delighted with their team's performance and admit that they were too respectful of Ukraine, which turned out to be a very weak opponent. After the match, Romanian fans are already calculating their team's chances of taking first or second place in the group so that they can reach at least the quarterfinals of Euro 2024. Many of them admit that they did not believe in Romania in vain, but few could have guessed that Ukraine would be disgraced in the first match at the European Championship. Romanians write that they are lucky that Serhiy Rebrov was appointed head coach of Ukraine, who cannot unleash the potential of his players.

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Claudiu: Ukraine seemed to me a very strong and dangerous opponent. I was worried about that before the match. Fortunately, it turned out that they don't know how to play football at all.

Minel: I am delighted with this victory. This is the best game I've seen Romania play at the Euros. But I wouldn't rush to make us the favorites of the group or speculate on what stage Romania will reach. Today we were lucky because the opponent clearly underestimated us and was not ready for such a game. The next match will be much more difficult.

Balea: Who would have thought before the start of the tournament that Ukraine would be the main outsider in our group? And now it's a reality. We were lucky to play such a weak opponent. In addition to the three points, we also now have a good goal difference, which could be important after the third round.

Muste: I said yesterday that we shouldn't be afraid of Ukraine. They have good players, they have more technical players. But they don't have a coach who would make a team out of them. Romania may not have such stars in the squad, but we have a team, our coaching staff has ideas on how to play against stronger opponents.

Stan: Very reliable and competent defense. Great counterattacks, long shots, confident play on set pieces. Today, the Romanian national team had no weaknesses. Ukraine did not create a single dangerous moment at our goal. Except for random shots, like Mudryk's at the end of the match.

Petroneli: Mathematicians say that any multiplication by 0 gives 0. So Ukrainians have such a game. Mudryk is worth 100 million euros, they want to sell Sudakov for 70, Dovbyk for 50, and so on. The entire national team of Ukraine, all the players together, is worth 500 million, probably. But we are lucky that their coach is a complete zero. So it turns out that 500 million times 0 is 0.

Bizgan: And how should we perceive this result now? Sensational? But it would be strange to say so after a 3-0 victory. On the other hand, no one could have predicted such a game of our national team. I would say that we are now in a state of pleasant shock.

Pinzariu: You can't envy the Ukrainians now. Even the Romanian media wrote that this is the "golden generation of Ukrainian football". Imagine how disappointed they are now. This team reminded me of the German national team in recent tournaments. There are good players, expectations are high, and in the end, a complete failure.

Sotropa: It seemed to me that Ukraine played without emotion. I think they believed in their victory even before the starting whistle and were severely punished for it. All our players insured each other, supported each other and were one. The Ukrainians played as if they were trying to sell themselves. Just look at Sudakov, who for some reason decided that he could beat our entire team.

Ionas: Today, Ukraine is the worst team in the tournament. Who could have guessed that yesterday? But our team deserved a standing ovation. So far, Romania is on the same level as Germany and Spain.

Dradici: Barring a miracle, we are already guaranteed third place in this group. If we win in Slovakia, we can even fight for the first place. Ukraine, to all appearances, is one of the main contenders for an early exit from the tournament.

Velcherean: The most beautiful phrase I've heard in the last 2 decades regarding the Romanian national team! "If this is just a dream and I'm sleeping now, then please don't wake me up!"

Popa: Our coach helped the Romanian players to play football. Serhii Rebrov prevented his team from playing football. Many people underestimate the role of coaches, but today we saw the difference between a professional and an amateur.

Naegelen: Ukraine is the weakest team in the tournament! They were disrespectful to us, they walked on the field, made four or five touches of the ball, there were a lot of back passes, and with the score 0-3 they played as if they were actually winning 3-0. I'm glad we punished them. Well done, Romania!

Briliantul: A joke that not everyone will understand: after this match, Romania will give Ukraine a Patriot system to strengthen their defense.

Cuba: I even feel a little sorry for the Ukrainians. How many times has it happened in Romania that a bad coach prevented good players from achieving at least some results. We often suffered because of this. Now Ukrainians are facing this. I can understand their confusion and disappointment. When you have such strong players in your team, it is strange to lose 0-3. But for us it is a real happiness that Rebrov is coaching Ukraine.

Muzzi: Luckily, today Ukraine had Lunin in goal, and the coach of Ukraine is Rebrov, who was disgraced by Ferencvaros. I have lived in Hungary for a long time and I must say that the whole country was spitting on this coach's football. I am surprised that he was called to work with the Ukrainian national team.

Comsa: It seems that Euro 2024 has ended early for Ukraine. After such defeats in the first round, it is very difficult to recover. I would like to believe that Ukraine will be able to take points from Slovakia, but after such a defeat, I no longer believe in this team.

Tarhun: After what I have seen, I expect Ukraine to suffer three defeats in three matches and say goodbye to the European Championship. So we shouldn't rejoice for too long, but already think about how to play the next opponent.

Coandu: It was harder to play against Liechtenstein in the friendly than today against Ukraine. It's incredible that we beat the team that many predicted to reach the semifinals of the European Championship so easily.

Olaru: If it was really the golden generation of Ukrainian football on the field today, I'm scared to imagine how the players of the silver or bronze generation used to play.

Raica: I think Ukraine is the main disappointment of the tournament. There was so much talk about this team, their players, and the situation in the country. As a result, I got the impression that Ukraine itself believed that it should almost be in the final of the European Championship.

Istvan: Ukraine turned out to be the weakest team at Euro 2024. Scotland also played poorly, but they played against Germany. Croatia lost 0-3 to Spain, which will be a contender for the gold medals. Ukraine played against Romania, with all due respect to our players. Hopefully, the Ukrainians will be able to pull themselves together and draw with Slovakia.

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