Control match. Dynamo - Unirya - 5:1. Match review, VIDEO

2023-02-03 18:03 On Friday, February 3, Dynamo Kyiv played the fourth test match at the first Turkish training ... Control match. Dynamo - Unirya - 5:1. Match review, VIDEO
03.02.2023, 18:03

On Friday, February 3, Dynamo Kyiv played the fourth test match at the first Turkish training camp. The rival of Mircea Lucescu's team was the Romanian club "Unirea" from the city of Dej.

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test match

"DYNAMO» (Kyiv, Ukraine)"UNIRYA" (Dej, Romania)5:1 (4:0)
: Benito (2, 13), Tymchik (25), Vanat (31), Supryaga (83) - Andr.Pop (89)

"Dynamo" (first time): 35.Neshcheret, 2.Vivcharenko, 3.Bol, 25.Dyachuk, 24.Tymchik, 5.Sidorchuk (K), 14.Yatsik, 37.Tsarenko, 77.Benito, 7.Kabaev, 11.Vanat; (second half): 51.Morgun, 44.Dubinchak, 4.Popov, 34.Sirota, 20.Karavaev, 18.Andrievsky, 22.Lonveik, 8.Shepelev, 30.Diallo, 91.Voloshin, 17.Supryaga.

"Unirya" (starting lineup): 39.Raychan, 5.Kereki, 15.Burdet, 4.Buta, 20.Git, 6.Katinyan (K), 99.Ad.Pop, 8.Matish, 10.Bly, 11.Al.Pop, 17. Kochan.

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Match transcript >>>

Dynamo opened the scoring very quickly. Already in the 2nd minute, Pain made an excellent pass to go to Benito, the Nigerian ran along the right side almost to the goal, shot unsuccessfully at the defender, but Benito, raising his leg high, with the toe of his boot, gently pushed the ball over the goalkeeper who came out into the goal. The arbiter of crime did not see the actions of the Dynamo player. 1:0. Only 10 minutes passed, and Benito scored for the second time. Vanat, having received an accurate vertical pass, went through the place of the left insider to the goal and shot strongly into the far corner. The goalkeeper parried the shot, but an uncovered Nigerian turned out to be on the rebound. 2:0. About the same amount of time passed, and the account became large. Oleksandr Tymchik, after a high diagonal pass into the penalty area from Yatsyk, jumped over the keeper in the area of ​​the penalty mark and hit the empty net with a header. 3:0.

"White-blue" did not stop. At the 31st minute, Vladislav Vanat put pressure on the opponent in his half, took the ball away, went into the penalty area and outplayed the goalkeeper in class. 4:0. Immediately after that, the score almost increased. Sidorchuk intercepted the ball, gave it to the right for Benito, he entered the penalty area and shot hard into the center, from where the defender, intercepting the ball, sent it hard into the crossbar. In the 40th minute, Tymchik ran away with the ball along the right edge, shot straight into the center at Vanat, who almost from the goalkeeper's line shot at the goalkeeper. At the end of the half, the Ukrainians combined already inside the Uniri penalty area, and Tsarenko hit on the accuracy of meters from 12, but the defender, insuring the goalkeeper, knocked the ball out of the goal. Meanwhile, the left flank of Dynamo for almost the entire first half (before Kabaev hit the goalkeeper in the 45th minute) did not show anything in the attack...

After the break, Mircea Lucescu completely changed the line-up, but the pattern of the game did not change, although there were no chances for some time. In the 59th minute, Shepelev made a pass to the right from a semicircle to Supryaga, Vlad elegantly threw the goalkeeper, but the defender managed to knock the ball off the goal line. By the middle of the half, the game was completely evened out, the Dynamo got bogged down in the struggle, rarely got to the attack, where Supryaga actively, but in vain, loitered. Only in the 78th minute Karavaev started with the ball from the flank to the goal, beat half the opposing team along the way and pushed the ball past the goalkeeper. But also past the far post. Finally, in the 83rd minute, the ball, knocked out by one Romanian defender from the penalty area, rebounded from another defender to Vladislav Supryaga, who was offside, he looked at the side and coolly shot past the goalkeeper. 5:0. Alas, the account did not remain “dry”. Towards the end of the game, the Dynamo defense gave up, and Andriy Pop shot from the penalty line into the lower left corner without resistance at all. 5:1.

The next sparring at Dynamo is on Monday, February 6. The opponent is Shkendia from North Macedonia. Starting as usual at 4:00 pm. Online on our website.


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