Chelsea fans: "Mudryk can be compared to Ronaldo"

2024-02-29 20:26 Fans are actively discussing the actions of Chelsea midfielder Mikhail Mudryk on social media. For example, ...  Chelsea fans: "Mudryk can be compared to Ronaldo"
29.02.2024, 20:26

Fans are actively discussing the actions of Chelsea midfielder Mikhail Mudryk on social media. For example, why he celebrated a goal in the style of a famous American basketball player.

Mykhailo Mudryk (photo:

Scorpions: In the first half, Mudryk was 100% the best on the pitch. He deservedly scored a goal, was active, and had a good shot on goal shortly before. He doesn't always have the calmness to act in a cool way, but that's also his advantage compared to many other Chelsea players who don't seem to care about what's happening on the pitch.

Tick: Mudryk impresses me. Many much more experienced players would have broken down psychologically after such harassment from the media and even their own team's fans. The Ukrainian should have been depressed a long time ago and asked the club's management to go on loan back in the winter. But he is fighting for his place at Chelsea, he wants to prove to everyone that he can achieve something at our club.

Blue_Energy: Mudryk doesn't really make all the chances, but I don't understand why journalists like to focus on the Ukrainian's mistakes. We have forwards, we have a dozen wingers, but all the criticism is poured on Mudryk around the clock. It shows that people still expect miracles from him.

Forsen: Pochettino should trust Mudryk more. Everyone has bad games. Especially Chelsea players this season. It's just that the Ukrainian is being watched very closely because they paid a lot for him and expect more.

Neo: A good match from Mudryk Sometimes it seems to me that the more he is criticised, the better he starts to play. Psychologically, Mudryk can be called one of the toughest players in modern football. Not everyone could withstand what Mudryk went through.

David79: Mudryk showed today that he deserves to stay at Chelsea. To get rid of a player like that who can make a difference would be very stupid. I hope it's just a rumour, but in reality, no one is planning to move the Ukrainian to another club in the summer.

Boom: I think Mudryk is a great player, he has the potential to play much better, but not under Pochettino. I think that in Spain or Germany, Mudryk would have played a completely different football. Perhaps he should have been sent on loan to Bayern Munich for six months to gain confidence. And in the summer, Chelsea will still say goodbye to Pochettino.

Dube: People want Mudryk to score two or three goals in every match. Allegedly, in this case, he will justify their trust. But just watch the statistical portals more closely. Mudryk does a lot of useful things in attack. The other thing is that his teammates rarely take advantage of it. Mudryk is more useful than Sterling, he should play in the main line-up.

Bradley: I think everyone has already understood that Mudryk was imitating Damian Lillard. The question is different. The Ukrainian was looking at his watch to convey a message to the fans or the club's management. For some reason, my first thought was that Mudryk was waiting for the summer when he could leave for another team. Other options don't come to mind. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Nonzi: Mudryk scored an important goal and was useful for the team. But people still find a way to criticise the Ukrainian and ask why Mudryk didn't score the second goal or the third. Chelsea probably don't have a player of Mudryk's calibre at the moment. In this respect, he can be compared to Ronaldo. The Portuguese also always finds something to criticise, even after good matches. Probably, it's just the time now that people want to take out their anger on someone.

Birch: Speaking objectively, it was another bad match from Chelsea, especially in defence. This time, to my great surprise, Chelsea won due to individual skill. In fact, all three goals were not 100% chances, but went into the net thanks to players who did their job perfectly. But to concede two goals against a representative of the Premier League is a shame. We could have conceded much more.

Nathan: Sometimes I hate Mudryk, and sometimes I love him. He is an amazing player who always evokes some emotions in me. Sometimes, after the matches in which Mudryk didn't play, I can't even single out anyone in a negative way. Let alone in a positive way. Because no one tries to stand out on the pitch, almost no one takes responsibility. Mudryk does it. If he succeeds, he is adored. If he fails, he is hated.

Snaggy: I hope Mudryk stays at Chelsea. He needs to be worked with, you need to believe in him, and he needs to be given more time to play. Pochettino has already failed in the Premier League and lost the League Cup anyway. Why shouldn't he get the train rolling for the new season?

Philip: If Mudryk does move to another Premier League club - especially Arsenal - it will be a transfer failure for Chelsea. I'm sure that with a good coach, Mudryk will play at a high level and score much more often.

Asare: Every time Mudryk scores a goal, I want to believe that it will be a turning point in his career. But Pochettino always has other thoughts in his head. It's as if he doesn't want Mudryk to play consistently and score consistently. Put the Ukrainian in the starting line-up for 5-10 games in a row and he will justify the trust. But Pochettino will come up with 100 excuses why Mudryk, in the Argentine's opinion, is not ready to play consistently in the side.

Coolman: I will always defend Mudryk. He could have left Chelsea in the winter, everyone has already realised that Pochettino does not count on the Ukrainian too much. But Mudryk is grateful to our club for its popularity and trust, for the fact that we fought for him. So he wants to stay in London.

Soccerman: Mudryk scored goals in the Premier League, FA Cup and League Cup. In all the tournaments where Chelsea plays. But the Ukrainian rarely takes the field, and even less often plays 90 minutes. In fact, few people can boast of such statistics in a team that is in crisis and in which the coach does not see you in the main squad.

BlueGalactic23: Even after this victory, many people criticise Mudryk. He is compared to the stars of Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool or Manchester City, but it's unfair. Holland or Nunez play even when they don't score. Mudryk is not even a main player, according to Pochettino. If we had Klopp or Guardiola as our coach, Mudryk would have played much better.

ChelseeEra: Mudryk could be a top player, on the level of Vinicius or Mbappe. But he is the most uncut diamond I have ever seen. You need to work with him every day, every minute. And then in 1.5-2 years, he will be a top player who will make a difference on the pitch in every match.

Jamie: People can say whatever they want about Mudryk, but there are undeniable facts. All social media is full of photos of the Ukrainian celebrating a goal in the style of an American basketball player. People are discussing the Ukrainian, how many useful actions he took and how many mistakes he made, how he celebrated the goal and at what minute he was substituted. Mudryk may not yet be considered a star in terms of his level of play, but there are not many players in the Premier League who are discussed as much as the Ukrainian.

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