Ihor Tsyhanyk: "Failure of the Ukrainian national team to leave the group will be a failure. We are definitely stronger than Slo

2024-06-14 17:19 Famous commentator Igor Tsyganik shared his expectations from Euro 2024 and, especially, from the performance of ... Ihor Tsyhanyk: "Failure of the Ukrainian national team to leave the group will be a failure. We are definitely stronger than Slo
14.06.2024, 17:19

Famous commentator Igor Tsyganik shared his expectations from Euro 2024 and, especially, from the performance of the Ukrainian national team.

Ihor Tsyhanyk

- From the ground up: who will win Euro 2024?

- My money is on France. The "Roosters of France" won the Euro in 1984 and 2000. And this year they will win because they have a strong team. I mean, really strong. Their coach Didier Deschamps is also experienced. I think England will get to the final again.

I give third place to Spain. They also have a good team. Especially since the Red Furies have not played very well in recent major tournaments. This time they should reach at least the 1/2 finals. I also see Portugal in the semifinals.

- Which of the favorite teams could be a disappointment at the continental forum?

- In my opinion, the Italians will disappoint. They won the last Euro 2020, but they are not of a generation to talk about trophies now. It will be incredibly difficult for the Azzurri to defend their title in Germany. I don't believe in Luciano Spalletti's team.

Germany may also disappoint, even despite the status of the host team. The younger generation of Florian Firz and Jamal Musiala will not pull it off. They have not yet demonstrated mature football. The Bundesliga does not have a "middle layer" that should lead the team. Of course, there are the highly experienced Toni Kroos, Thomas Muller, but ...

- Who can "Feuer frei" at Euro 2024? That is, in Ukrainian, to give or open fire, to ignite.

- I believe in Mykhailo Mudryk! And this is not a joke. He has really outstanding football skills. He is unique. No one in the world runs like Mudryk. His ball handling technique is also excellent. I absolutely do not rule out that Mudryk will be the main star of Euro 2024. If this does not happen, I will be very disappointed.

Speaking in general, Jamal Musiala (Germany) can make a shot.

I would also like to talk about coaches. I am preparing for the next edition of my program on YouTube. So, everyone underestimates the Romanian coach Edward Iordanescu, and in vain. He went through a very good school under his father Angel. This is a dynastic story, I would say. Like Mircea Lucescu and his descendant Razvan. So, the Romanian team is quite weak and without stars, but it has not lost a single match in the Euro 2024 qualifiers. Believe me, Edward Iordanescu makes them play like this, give their best. This Romanian national team is pragmatic. Anything can happen to them in a match.

- Expectations from the performance of our national team. What place will Ukraine take in its quartet? And what is the limit of this team?

- I have defined the following scale for the Ukrainian national team: 1/2 of the finals is fantastic, 1/4 is a very successful performance, 1/8 is a good performance, and failure to leave the group is a failure.

You know, we can compete with Belgium in terms of the quality of the players and the squad. Perhaps Domenico Tedesco has a more experienced team, more balanced in all lines, they have a reserve. They have an advantage here, but not in terms of names.

As for Slovakia and Romania, we are definitely stronger. But so far, Ukraine has been playing erratically. We would like to catch this vibe, I mean stability, and then everything will be fine. In general, I think we will take second place in the group.

- Which of the Ukrainian players has the best chance to prove themselves at the 2024 European Championship?

- In addition to Mykhailo Mudryk, Viktor Tsygankov should also light up at the Euros. Our trio up front, consisting of Misha Mudryk, Artem Dovbyk and Vita Tsygankov, will be key for the Ukrainian national team. This is our main weapon.

Tsygankov is in great shape. Vitya is now at an age where he can and should become one of the team's leaders. As for Dovbyk, he has grown so much in a year, I want to tell you that no Ukrainian footballer has ever progressed like this among those who moved to play abroad. Artem is already an authority. When the ball comes to him, it is immediately clear that something dangerous is about to happen. He is the kind of player who will definitely come up with something: either score or earn a free kick. Dovbyk hits hard, he just hits!

And, you know, for some reason, I really believe in Shaparenko. Mykola is gaining form and he is currently the best top ten in Ukrainian football.

- The era of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo is over. Will Euro 2024 have a decisive influence on the winner of the Ballon d'Or this year?

- An interesting question. Real Madrid won the Champions League. Vinicius Junior scored one of the goals against Borussia Dortmund. He may well win the Ballon d'Or, but he is Brazilian.

If Kroos wins the Euros with Germany, he could win the Ballon d'Or. Toni also won the Champions League in the last club season.

Jude Bellingham can also win the trophy, but it depends on how well he plays at Euro 2024. If he scores three or more goals, he will be in contention. England, as I predicted, should reach the final.

And, of course, let's not forget about Kylian Mbappe. If the French win the European Championship, and I'm betting on them, and Mbappe scores and assists, he will be one of the main contenders for the Ballon d'Or. However, it will be important not only for all of these players to shine at the Euros, but also for them to play the first half of the new season at their clubs. But yes, a lot will depend on the Euro.

- Do you see any threats to the quality of Euro 2024?

- Huge threats. You know, Germany became a very pacifist country after the Second World War. Just remember the 1972 Munich Olympics(eight Palestinian terrorists killed two members of the Israeli national team and then took nine other people hostage. Later, during a shootout with the German police, five terrorists, a German policeman, and all nine Israeli hostages were killed. This terrorist attack became the most tragic and largest in the history of the PLO - approx. "UV"). In fact, it was the biggest sports tragedy.

There are a lot of migrants living in Germany. Now the world is in such a state... Expressive, electrified, military... So anything can happen. Of course, I reject such thoughts, I would not want any excesses and provocations, but unfortunately, it is possible...

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