Vitaliy Bordiyan: "The players in the national team of Ukraine are now superb"

2024-06-14 22:33 Moldovan ex-legionnaire from the Ukrainian championship Vitalii Bordian spoke about his impressions of the match with ... Vitaliy Bordiyan: "The players in the national team of Ukraine are now superb"
14.06.2024, 22:33

Moldovan ex-legionnaire from the Ukrainian championship Vitalii Bordian spoke about his impressions of the match with the Ukrainian national team.

Vitaliy Bordiyan

- The current Ukrainian national team is generally a "top" team. The players in it are superb. They just need to realize their potential. I hope that it will happen. After all, if you take Ukraine's rivals in the group at the European Championships - Romania, Slovakia and Belgium - I think it is a passable team. Although each of these teams thinks the same way (smiles ). Still, I believe that Serhii Rebrov's team should advance from the group to the next stage. Even though the Romanians and Slovaks are quite strong opponents. However, weak teams do not qualify for the European Championship. During the continental championship, I will wholeheartedly cheer for Ukraine - it's not even out of the question! And also for Georgia, as a representative of the former Soviet Union.

- What do you think the Moldovan national team lacked to make it to the continental championship?

- It lacks three or four top players who play in strong European championships. The ones who can lead their teammates and who can decide the outcome of a match with a successful shot or productive actions. This is exactly what the Moldovan national team lacks. But as for collective action, it seemed to play well.

- Many believe that in the European Championship qualifying round, the Moldovan national team unjustifiably lost two points by drawing at home with the Faroes...

- This is also one of the reasons. Although if you think about it this way, then you can also say the same about the Polish national team, which unjustifiably lost to Moldova in Chisinau 2:3, leading 2:0. Each team can start from a particular match: you should have won there, and we should have won here. This is football, and the great thing about it is that anyone can beat any opponent. Like, for example, Sheriff Tiraspol, led by Yuriy Vernydub, beat Real Madrid. Although this fact seems to be from the realm of science fiction, it turns out that Real Madrid can be beaten, and even on its field.

- What are your memories of your time in Ukraine?

- I have only wonderful memories of the Ukrainian period. Although there are ups and downs in life, only good moments remain in your heart. Let the bad ones go away. My best years were spent at Metalist. It was a golden time for both me and the Kharkiv club.

- Did you see Myron Markevich after you left Metalist?

- Yes, I did. Once I was abroad with the Moldovan national team, and we crossed paths with Myron Markevych there. We had a nice and warm conversation. After finishing my performances in your country, I follow the events in Ukrainian football and Markevych's teams in particular on a daily basis. And not only through various football websites. In Ukraine, I have a lot of people in leadership positions in clubs with whom I often communicate. I also follow Myron Markevych's current team, Karpaty, especially since the Moldovan Vladislav Baboglo plays center back for the club. Given that the Lviv team has entered the Premier League, it will be interesting to watch their performances in it.

- By the way, what can you say about Baboglo?

- Unfortunately, I did not manage to see all the matches of the Moldovan national team. However, I can still say that he is a good defender for the national team. The last games in it were not the best for Babogly, but before he looked good. The national team played well in the Euro 2024 qualifiers, and Vladislav acted reliably. Let's see how Baboglo will perform in the Ukrainian Premier League with Karpaty. The Lviv club did not buy him for little money. And if they paid it, it means that it was worth it.

- How did your life turn out after you retired from active football?

- Everything is fine with me. I live in Vienna and do business. I opened a shop and work for myself. I also play football for one of the Austrian fourth league teams. I play on weekends and train three times a week. In short, I haven't given up on sports. My family and children are in Vienna with me. Everything is fine.

- Have you ever dreamed of a coaching career?

- When I was still in Moldova, I worked as a playing coach of Dynamo-Auto together with Ihor Dobrovolskyi and Yurii Kulish. At that time, I wanted to follow the coaching path, but life circumstances have developed in such a way that today I have to be with my family and do my job. However, if I have any proposal for coaching, we can think about it and discuss it. It's important to understand what the goals of going to a particular club are.

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