Mykhailo Kopolovets: "In the match against Slovakia, I saw that the Ukrainian national team players wanted to win. God helped th

2024-06-22 14:16 Former footballer Mykhailo Kopolovets commented on the victory of the national team of Ukraine in the ... Mykhailo Kopolovets: "In the match against Slovakia, I saw that the Ukrainian national team players wanted to win. God helped th
22.06.2024, 14:16

Former footballer Mykhailo Kopolovets commented on the victory of the national team of Ukraine in the match with Slovakia (2:1) in the second round of Euro-2024.

Mikhail Kopolovets

- What emotions did you have after the missed goal of the Ukraine national team and after the first half in general?

- Well, what emotions? Initially there were emotions, feelings that this team was not ready for this championship. Then now we concede such a goal, somewhere Zinchenko did not play a little bit. But then the guys were pleased.

My feelings - for the national team of Ukraine, as for any other national team, you need to play with heart and soul. As soon as the players started to play on the verge of self-sacrifice, with heart and soul - something began, Roma Yaremchuk came out. Then something started.

In this match I saw that the players wanted to win. God helped them. When people want to win, when you play for the national team, it is not enough to play on your physical qualities, your talents. You need to play with heart and soul. This is not the championship of Spain, England. This is a completely different championship, where the whole country is rooting for you. As soon as they connected their heart and soul, realized that they were supported - God helped them. That's the feeling I have.

- In your opinion, is this the key factor, thanks to which Ukraine managed to turn the tide of the meeting?

- Once again I will say that you need to play for the national team with heart and soul. The Romanians beat us because they were better tuned, playing with heart and soul for their nation. The Slovaks beat Belgium, they are not stronger than the Belgians, but they played with heart and soul, they play for their nation.

Today our team, maybe not everything came out in the first half, but they played with heart and soul. They got the heckling, maximum heckling. But they had to realize that there are a lot of people cheering for them, 40 or 50 million, I don't know how many Ukrainians there are at the moment. Look, Yaremchuk scores such a goal. What are the complaints?

If they lost today, I would say that they really wanted to win. The same Zinchenko, who made a mistake on the first goal, did not finish, did not jump, but look how he played. He dragged the team behind him, supported. Yaremchuk came on - he also strengthened a lot. The whole team wanted to win. So well done, I am glad and happy that the team won. We live on, as they say.

- UEFA chose Shaparenko as the player of the match, the fans voted for Trubin. Who, in your opinion, was the best in the team today?

- Of course Trubin added confidence at the back, pulled out. I do not think that Shaparenko was the key, perhaps it was Trubin after all. I agree that he was key. He added confidence at the back, cleaned up all the chances, showed that the back was calm. He looked confident and cold-blooded. When you have such a calm goalkeeper at the back - all the players on the pitch are calm. A goalkeeper is a great strength when there are moments behind and he cleans up, kicks and saves everything. That's why I give my vote for him too.

- Which of the players who played in these 2 matches should definitely play against Belgium? What are our chances in this match?

- Who will definitely play, only the head coach knows. I do not consider myself a soccer expert, I am just a fan. Rebrov knows better than us who should play.

Trubin should definitely play. Today he showed that he can help this national team. I like his composure. It is clear that Lunin is a Champions League winner. I love this goalkeeper, I was the first to say that he should stand and play. But Trubin today removed all questions. He is much more confident from what I saw. Trubin should definitely play in the next match.

- What are our chances? Will we be able to get points in the match with Belgium?

- And why can`t we? Of course, Belgium is like a wounded animal, they lost to the Slovaks. If we play with heart and soul, for our people, why no chance? They're people too. Yes, they have a number of great players: De Bruyne, Lukaku and others. But we also have such players.

Neither Mudryk, nor Dovbik, nor Sudakov, nor Tsygankov have said their last word yet. They have not said their word at this championship. Why not? These players have not yet proved themselves at this championship. They are the main players, from whom we expect some actions, we have high hopes. They have not shown anything yet. They have shown 30 percent. We have not seen them turn on their best qualities.

All the chances are there, we are not weaker than Belgium. The Slovaks beat them and we beat Slovakia. I'm not saying we're stronger than Belgium. No. But it's all about attitude. If we play not at the expense of physical or individual qualities, as Mudryk plays somewhere. If we play with heart and soul, on the verge of self-sacrifice - God helps such players. It's true.

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