Slovak fans: "Like in the war, many saw Ukraine as defeated. But this is not happening and will not happen"

2024-06-22 14:37 Slovak fans are disappointed with their team's 1-2 loss to Ukraine at Euro 2024. They do ... Slovak fans: "Like in the war, many saw Ukraine as defeated. But this is not happening and will not happen"
22.06.2024, 14:37

Slovak fans are disappointed with their team's 1-2 loss to Ukraine at Euro 2024. They do not understand why their national team played two different halves. They scold the coach, goalkeeper and players. The team captain Milan Škrinjar and Tomas Suslov, who has Ukrainian roots, were especially hurt. They are also surprised by the presence of a large number of Ukrainian men at the German stadium.

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Jozinko: The first goal - the Ukrainian calmly scores from the eleven-meter mark, with 2-3 meters of space around him. Where were Skriniar and Vavro? The second goal is a beautiful pass behind the backs of the above two men. This is a complete loss of concentration.

Razz3: We are sorely lacking a dangerous striker, in this game we could have claimed a draw.

Stefan Strecka: The two goals were Skriniar's fault. He's clearly the weakest in this match, even though he plays for PSG. He's a disaster, not the captain!

1054033: Two goals are on the conscience of Skrinyar. First he missed a player, then he also danced around a fresh striker...

Pozorovatel: Our lumberjacks scored a goal, and stopped playing thinking: "now we will only defend".

Peter280: Today was not football, but Slovak cacophony performed by two football madmen: Skrinyar and Dubravka.

Kehl: For me, the biggest disappointment was Skrinyar and Kutska. Our captain's kneeling during the first goal is just the icing on the cake of his global failures in defense. In the game against the Belgians, he was one of the weakest, but today he sank even lower.

Jozef: A modern goalkeeper controls the game in the entire penalty area, but our goalkeeper Dubravka is only good on the line.

Oggir II: I really screwed up when I predicted a 3-0 win for us before the game...

Š. Š.: Our coach said he was happy with the game. I have no words. I don't want to watch this talkative team anymore. During the entire second half, we did not shoot on goal, conceding twice to Ukraine.

We will definitely lose to Romania, I bet my entire pension on it. Slovakia is one of the weakest teams at the Euros. Miracles like the victory over Belgium happen from time to time, but not every day.

Funkyman: We have 11 players without adequate replacements. From the game with the Ukrainians, I remember Skriniar, who was on his knees three meters from the opponent. Our famous goalkeeper, who dodged the ball and made space, instead of stretching himself as much as possible, increasing the area and trying to prevent Yaremchuk. And the extremely unsympathetic theater performed by the actor Suslov.

An anonymous slovak: Suslov admitted - and I'm not kidding - that he is a quarter Ukrainian from his maternal grandfather. Wikipedia says interesting things about his namesake Mykhailo Suslov.

Mayansoul: Suslov's father is Ukrainian. Immediately deport him to the Ukrainian front.

MarecekPN: Suslov is a disaster. Especially his foul around the 77th minute. I was laughing like a horse.

Monotheist: Welcome back to reality. Typical Slovakia. We can beat a relatively strong Belgium and then tragically lose to a weak Ukraine. Terribly bad football by us.

Clifton: Our game is starting to take on a Slovakian dimension. Half-heartedness, incoherence.....

JJ: This is the karma of our fans: shake, worry, cry!

Lubor1890: A well-deserved defeat. After half an hour of play, we gave the initiative to the Ukrainians. It's a shame to ruin a great result with Belgium in this way.

Vševed_: Our tattooed sloths played like girls. No quality substitutions, no shots on goal... The league is weak, the government is a mafia... So what did you expect?

245160: When you watch other Euro matches, they play from start to finish, regardless of whether they win or lose, it's a pleasure to watch. The spectators sing chants, constantly support and drive the team forward.

And what about us? We score a goal, control the game for a while and look good, and then start to hold on to the result. The players stop playing, and the fans stop supporting. It's sad.

1384780: I was satisfied with the first half, but in the second half I did not recognize our team. Now my eyes hurt, and tomorrow my liver will hurt too.

Monotheist: After the football I saw yesterday played by Spain and Italy, today's game seemed to me like a battle of pensioners. The level of play is two classes lower, slow and irreversible.

2220649: Here's what I can't understand: a third of the Slovak fans in the stands are wearing national team hockey jerseys. You really don't have 20 euros for an original cotton football team jersey? They are sold in every fan zone and even at the stadium.

Jano: Even in this match, it was clear that Ukraine is not giving up, as many predicted. It was the same in that war: many people saw Ukraine as already defeated, but it's not happening and it won't happen.

Palo: The Ukrainians were running all game, and we were either standing or chasing them. It is impossible to play with everyone until the score is 1-0. Our team is not interested in playing football, it is only interested in defending. With such football, we have nothing to do in the last 16.

Comment from SR: I knew we were going to lose. But what surprised me was the presence of thousands of Ukrainian fans in the stands. And at this time, the EU and NATO are forcing Europeans to go to war on the Ukrainian front. The stadium is filled with Ukrainians, but there is no one to fight for their country at home. "Warriors of the Internet".

Námorný kapitán: Among other things, I'd like to know how so many Ukrainians got into the stadium. Don't they still need visas?

Ibis: After the victory over Belgium, I suspected such an outcome. Our players, whether in hockey or soccer, after showing a great game against a strong opponent, then abruptly give up. The same thing is waiting for us in the match with Romania.

Heavy metal: During the break, an order came from the embassy. I have no other explanation for such a stark contrast between the first and second halves.

Ficovid: What happened in the locker room during the break? In the first half, the national team played as it should, and in the second half, it was as if they were replaced. They gave Ukraine a lot of free space... Was it done on purpose? I do not understand.

Kolibrik1954: In the second half, our players made a lot of mistakes, spoiled everything that can be spoiled after the victory over Belgium. Once again, I was convinced that neither our footballers nor our hockey players can ever be praised, they immediately lose their sense of reality. If they want to show off, it's better to sign them up for a disco in a village club, which we have plenty of!

Lukas23: A Slovak classic. World champions after the first game, and after the second we go home.

Janpol: A bagel instead of points. We have to take out our calculators again before the game with Romania and calculate the options.

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