Column by Serhiy Tyshchenko. Time for new stars. Who will play for Dynamo's youth team next season

2023-06-05 09:48 The season for the Dynamo youth team is over. The year 2003 was the last year ... Column by Serhiy Tyshchenko. Time for new stars. Who will play for Dynamo's youth team next season
05.06.2023, 09:48

The season for the Dynamo youth team is over. The year 2003 was the last year of youth football. The next season will be the last at this level for 2004. There is a limit of 3 players on the field. Therefore, it will be used more for first-team players who do not have game practice. The base years will be 2005-2006.

Alexey Gusev. Photo by Alexander Popov

In fact, 2006 has already seen some experience gained at the youth level. Almost 20 players and coaches were loaned to Zorya Luhansk this season. There is no need to look for sensations here. This was done only because the DUFL was not held last season, and the 2006 players had to get practice. This year is one of the strongest and most interesting among the youth at Dynamo. Working with Ihor Kostiuk should benefit many of them and give them the opportunity to grow. Ihor Volodymyrovych knows how to develop players.


Danylo Ihnatenko will no longer be able to play for the youth team due to his age. Yurii Avramenko and Denys Pohorilyi do not look too convincing. They don't have much chance of getting into the first team. If they stay, it will only be as backup goalkeepers. I assume that the pair who spent the current season at Zorya in 2006 - Vyacheslav Surkis and Serhii Kiblytskyi - will be the ones to make the advance. Viacheslav has a good chance of becoming the first choice. You don't need to pay attention to his surname, but you should evaluate him purely as a goalkeeper. The talent is definitely there. He is a master of penalty kicks. He played almost the entire 2022/23 season for Zorya in the youth championship. In reality, he is the number one candidate for the goalkeeper position next season.

It may be possible to bring back Oleksandr Petrenko from Bayer Leverkusen. He was born in 2007. He is the main goalkeeper of the Ukrainian national team this year. He has already played for the U-19s in Germany several times.

Forecast: Surkis, Avramenko, Kiblitsky.


There shouldn't be any surprises here - 18-year-old Oleksiy Gusev is set to play his second season at this position. Oleh Husiev's son became a full-fledged player at this position last season. He is being trained for the first team, given the situation with Oleksandr Karavayev and Tomas Kendzora. But he is hardly ready yet. Is there a problem with who will play under Gusev Jr? In 2006, there is no right-back. At the age of 19-20, Artem Benediuk should hardly be a rotation player. Artem can also play on the left wing. He actually played this position last season.

Prediction: Gusev, Benediuk.

Central defenders

Nazar Balaba has shown himself quite well this season. He should become the leader of the defence. Let's not forget about Nazar's 2005 graduate, Yehor Sezonyuk.

I have no certainty about Arseniy Filatov and Vladyslav Yaremenko. For them, this is the last year of youth football, because they are both born in 2004. They will fall under the age limit. So far, it doesn't seem that they can reach the first team. Moreover, in 2006 there are two interesting defenders - Vladyslav Zakharchenko and Maksym Korobov. On the other hand, experience and age are very important for building a defence, especially at the youth level. I do not rule out that one of them will be left alone.

Prediction: Balaba, Syzonyuk, Filatov, Korobov, Zakharchenko.

Left backs

This season, this position has been a problem. After Kostyantyn Vivcharenko joined the first team, the thread of training left-backs for adult football - Vitaliy Mykolenko, Vlad Dubinchak, Kostyantyn Vivcharenko - was broken. In many ways, right-back Bedeniuk was forced to play here. In case of emergency, the versatile Naveen Malysh could play.

I think that Denys Dykyi, the player of the year 2006, has become the main player in the new season. Last season he looked quite good at Zorya. He is the undisputed left-back of the Ukrainian national team of his age. Danylo Bilokon will act as a backup or competitor

Prediction: Wild, Bilokon.

The middle of the field

Two players born in 2006 are very interesting - Danylo Ishchenko and Kyrylo Osypenko. The former is the son of Mykola Ishchenko, who once played for Karpaty and Shakhtar. He is a winger, a destroyer who cements the middle of the pitch. Osypenko is a creative player. He is light on his feet and works well with the ball.

I think that from 2005, Maxim Vasilets, Nazar Yanchyshyn, possibly Ivan Kotukha, Maxim Boychenko should definitely stay. From 2006, there will be David Bilyi.

I also expect Volodymyr Ozymai to make his debut for the youth team in 2007. He is a great talent of the Dynamo Academy. His prospects were visible even in childhood. The situation is similar with Oleksandr Ilchenko, a player of the same age. However, last season he was in Hertha. I don't know if he will return to Ukraine this summer.

Антон Царенко. Фото — Ю.Юр'євАнтон Царенко. Фото — Ю.Юр'єв

Due to his age, Anton Tsarenko can play for the youth team for another season. If he fails to break into the first team and does not go on loan, he can get playing practice with Ihor Kostiuk. Osypenko looks no less interesting in this position.

Prediction: Ishchenko, Osypenko, Vasilets, Yanchyshyn, Tsarenko, Kotukha, Bilyi, Ozymai.


Since 2006, some of the main talents and hopes of the Dynamo school have been coming to Dynamo - Kyrylo Pashko and Vladyslav Kalyn. The former even played for Dynamo's senior team during the winter training camp. Both of them are given large advances. However, so far they are in no hurry to justify them. The media presence is not very beneficial to both of them.

Therefore, since 2005, Dmitry Kremchanin and Andrei Matkevich have remained in the status of more experienced and senior players. Competition hasn't hurt anyone yet.

Forecast: Matkevich, Kremchanin, Kalin, Pashko.


It's time for Matvii Ponomarenko to come of age. In the future, he should become a first-team striker. He already played for the first team at the training camp in winter. He gained experience in Zorya's youth team. It makes no sense for Ihor Horbach to stay in the youth team for another season. The time for the loan has come. And there will be seen.

Матвій ПономаренкоМатвій Пономаренко

Mykyta Zen, a forward born in 2005, failed to prove himself. I think he will no longer be in the team. Maksym Zorenko has a chance to stay as a rotation striker.

I don't know what the situation is with forward Bohdan Popov. He showed himself well in Poland in the autumn. He had interest from various teams in Europe. "Dynamo did not miss the opportunity to bring back the forward born in 2007.

Forecast: Ponomarenko, Zorenko.

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