Erling Holand: "When I score, I immediately focus on the next goal"

2023-06-10 20:16 Manchester City's English striker Erling Holland has been interviewed by ahead of tonight's Champions League ... Erling Holand: "When I score, I immediately focus on the next goal"
10.06.2023, 20:16

Manchester City's English striker Erling Holland has been interviewed by ahead of tonight's Champions League final.

Erling Holland

- How did you feel after you joined City?

- I was very excited about such a big challenge. I knew I was coming to a team where I would have many chances to score and influence results. Luckily, it worked out for me. I really enjoyed my first season in Manchester.

- Moving to Manchester was akin to coming home, given your family history. What does the club mean to you and your family?

- Of course, it means a lot. Everyone has seen pictures of me in a City uniform when I was a kid. I just want to continue to succeed here, work hard and please our fans. I am enjoying life in Manchester and playing for this team.

- Has anything surprised you at City?

- I always knew it would be a challenge and something completely new, something I haven't experienced before. But I'm enjoying it. I knew this coach, the team, the staff, the infrastructure and everything else here would be top notch. It's worked out that way. In the Premier League, the intensity is very high. Any team can beat anybody. You have to be at the top all the time to win.

- How has Pep Guardiola helped you in your professional development?

- Pep, his assistants and all the staff who stay behind the scenes do everything possible for us to perform at our best on the pitch. I have already learned a lot from Pep. I am sure that this is not all there is to it. I knew that I would have to adapt to a new coach, new staff, teammates and new environment. But I think I handled it pretty well. And I enjoyed every minute of it.

- You have already achieved a lot in this Champions League. With what feeling will you go into the final?

- It will be a special moment. I have always dreamt of playing in the Champions League final, it is an honour to be part of it. But, apart from that, there will be a job to do. We had an incredible season and we must finish it in the best way possible. We are all ready to give our all to win this final. Against a team like Inter, we have to play at our best. We are looking forward to getting on the pitch.

- You score an average of 1.21 goals in a Champions League match. This is an unprecedented figure. Isn't such productivity a surprise for you?

- It was clear that I would have goal chances in such a team. When you have so many great players around you who create opportunities or make space for you, chances are bound to appear. I have been very lucky with partners who help send the ball into the net. You have to do a lot of work both on and off the field to keep scoring. When I score, I immediately focus on the next goal.

- Was there any goal that you remember most from this Champions League?

- I think the goal against Borussia was good. I have always wanted to score goals like that, so it was great to see them flying into the net. Besides, it was a really important goal in the group stage against a fantastic team that was strong in every aspect of the game.

- Do you set personal goals and do you pay attention to statistics?

- My goal is to score goals so that the team can finish the season with trophies. I know that if I score and work for the team, it will help everyone reach their goals at the end of the season. As soon as I score, I immediately think about how to score the next goal. That is my approach to the business and I will keep it up.

- How would you describe City's squad as a whole?

- Truly incredible. Each of us burns with the same desire to succeed day in and day out. We support each other and that's the way it has to be if we want to be successful. It's a special group of guys, as well as the coach, his staff and the rest of the staff.

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