Championship of youth teams. "Oleksandriya vs Dynamo - 1: 2. Match report

2024-04-12 15:36 On Friday, 12 April, in the 24th round of the Ukrainian Youth Championship, Dynamo Kyiv met ... Championship of youth teams. "Oleksandriya vs Dynamo - 1: 2. Match report
12.04.2024, 15:36

On Friday, 12 April, in the 24th round of the Ukrainian Youth Championship, Dynamo Kyiv met Oleksandriya from the city of the same name in Kirovohrad Oblast.


U-19 Championship, round 24

"Oleksandriya-Dynamo 1: 2(0: 2)

Goals: Petryk (65) - Bilyi (30), Kremchanin (32)

Warnings: Surkis (90+2).

"Alexandria": 1. Dolgy, 23. Romanenko, 37. Tsevukh (2. Khovanyuk, 76), 54. Bats, 18. Tkachuk (27. Matkivsky, 76), 20. Vashchenko (95. Mishchenko, 60), 11. Kaida, 10. Radchenko (k) (4. Malko, 76), 73. Prokopenko, 21. Zhadan (14. Petryk, 60), 17. Bazayev.

"Dynamo: 71. Surkis, 20. Gusev, 4. Zakharchenko, 2. Mikhavko (37. Tsarenko, 65), 6. Kotukha, 3. Balaba (k), 22. Osipenko (23. Ozymai, 90+3), 8. Bilyi (18. Salenko, 82), 7. Kremchanin, 10. Matkevich, 11. Ponomarenko (9. Lobko, 65).

This match was an away match for our team and took place at the Nika-Plus Stadium in Oleksandriya. It is worth noting that in the previous rounds, Dynamo scored 57 points and took first place in the standings. With 37 points, Oleksandriya was in 7th place, although their opponent played one less game.

From the start of the match, Dynamo took control of the ball, but failed to get too close to the home team's goal for some time. The first dangerous moment at the other side's goal came after a corner kick into the penalty area, but goalkeeper Dolgy managed to knock the ball out in a leap. We should also note Ponomarenko's long-range shot - the ball flew just over the goal.

After another corner kick, the ball ended up in the hands of the Oleksandriya goalkeeper. The game was mainly played in the middle of the field, with Kyiv managing to escalate the situation at the home team's goal only from time to time. However, the game and territorial advantage of our team was obvious and beyond doubt. In the middle of the half, the opposition defence coped with another standard position, knocking the ball out of their own penalty area as far as possible. Oleksandriya managed to cross into Dynamo's half of the pitch only a few times and get closer to Surkis' goal.

As soon as the first half hour of the game was over, the visitors took the lead: after a fight for the ball and a great pass from deep in the box, Bilyi went one-on-one with the goalkeeper and did not waste his opportunity, putting the visitors ahead 1-0. Less than two minutes later, Kremchanin doubled the advantage: Kyiv launched an attack in their own half of the field, after several passes in the centre, Ponomarenko fought for the ball, kept it and found Kremchanin in the penalty area with a timely pass, who, left unguarded, skilfully beat the goalkeeper - 2: 0.

At the end of the half, Ponomarenko could have scored when he outplayed two opponents, broke into the penalty area and struck a shot - the ball flew over the crossbar.

The visitors also looked sharper in the second half. Dolgy again saved his team after Bilyi's shot on goal, knocking the ball out with his fists. A free kick from the penalty spot also failed to result in a goal, when our player's shot was inaccurate. Ponomarenko aimed for the far corner, but the ball missed the post. In short, the threat at the home team's goal arose regularly. Therefore, the ball conceded by our team looked illogical. The loss in the centre of the pitch led to Petryk, who had recently been substituted, receiving the ball in the penalty area and hitting the target from 12-13 metres, reducing the deficit to 1-2.

At the end of the match, the White and Blues won a dangerous free-kick from a half-circle in front of the penalty area - Matkevych threw the wall and aimed for the right corner, but the Oleksandriya goalkeeper was again on top of his game, knocking the ball out in a leap. We should also note Matkevych's low shot, but in this episode, too, the situation was controlled by Dolgy. In the time remaining before the end of the match, our team made several more promising attacks and was close to increasing its lead both from the game and after standard positions, but Kyiv were a little unlucky.

The result was a 2-1 away victory for Dynamo U-19.

It should be noted that Dynamo U-19 will play their next match in the Ukrainian Youth Championship on Saturday, 20 April, at home against Polissya (Zhytomyr).

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