"Dynamo vs Polesie - 3:0. Aftermatch press conference. Oleksandr Shovkovskiy: "Today we managed to do a lot" (VIDEO)

2024-04-21 20:33 On Sunday, 21 April, in the match of the 25th round of the Ukrainian championship Dynamo ... "Dynamo vs Polesie - 3:0. Aftermatch press conference. Oleksandr Shovkovskiy: "Today we managed to do a lot" (VIDEO)
21.04.2024, 20:33

On Sunday, 21 April, in the match of the 25th round of the Ukrainian championship Dynamo Kyiv defeated Polesie Zhytomyr with the score 3:0. The meeting took place in Kyiv at the Dynamo stadium named after Valeriy Lobanovskiy. Here is the post-match press conference of the teams' coaches.

Oleksandr SHOVKOVSKY, Dynamo head coach:

- I congratulate Dynamo fans on the victory. I thank our defenders and defencewomen for the opportunity to hold such matches, for the opportunity to hold the Ukrainian championship.

We got important three points and move on, move on. Nothing is finished for us. We now tune up for each game as for the final.

- What did you fail to fulfil from your plans?

- I always strive for the team to fulfil our agreements as much as possible, for the team to tactically rearrange correctly, for the guys to perform technically correct actions. However, this process cannot be perfect - there are always moments that can and should be improved.

But today we managed to do a lot of things. I am grateful to the guys for the attitude, motivation, discipline that they showed throughout the game. These are nice moments that allow you to enjoy the work you do.

So I thanked the guys for the game. Tomorrow we have a day off. As you know, we are on a very busy schedule right now. Those guys who did not take part in the game today or came out as substitutes, will do a little running work, but in general the day will be a day off. And the day after tomorrow we will all gather at our base and start preparing for the next match.

Oleksandr Shovkovskiy. Photo — Y. YurievOleksandr Shovkovskiy. Photo — Y. Yuriev

- Did you adjust for this match, based on the result of the duel with "Polesie" in the first round (2:3)?

- What happened in the past is what happened, and we are not interested. We always prepare for the match based on the tactical actions of the opponent, on its movements, organisation of the game (both in attack and defence), on how this team approaches the execution of standard positions. Only from this point of view do we consider preparation for a match against an individual opponent. What happened is a history that will stay with us, whether we want it or not: we cannot look back and relive what happened, we want to look forward and think about our future.

- What is the situation with Brazko?

- As I said before, he fell ill. So far Vladimir has not even started training. I hope that on Tuesday he will start working. I do not know yet in what mode - individually or in the general group. We'll see. There is no sense to run ahead.


Sergii Shishchenko, acting head coach of "Polesie":

- There is nothing much to say now. I think, today everyone saw that there was only one team on the field. Unfortunately. We did not get anything. We will analyse, there will be some conclusions after the analysis. But now there is nothing to talk about.

- "Polesie" is one of the leaders of this championship in red cards. What do you attribute it to?

- It is hard to answer this question. Footballers play with emotions. And emotions should be channelled to the game, not to what leads to yellow and red cards. This is the responsibility of the players, and they themselves should understand why things are like this.

- How do you assess the current tournament prospects of "Polesie"?

- The Ukrainian championship is of high quality now, all teams are the same. Every match is like a fight. It is hard for any team to play. "Polesie" is a club that wants to develop, to move to the European cups. But we need to be stable in terms of play and results to fulfil this task. Our task remains the same - to get to the European cups, and nothing is lost yet. Sooner or later "Polesie" will be in the European cups.

Oleksandr POPOV from the stadium "Dynamo" named after Valeriy Lobanovskiy

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