30th round of the Ukrainian championship. "Rukh" - "Dynamo" - 1:2. Match review, statistics

2024-05-25 17:25 This weekend are the matches of the final - 30th round of the Ukrainian championship of ... 30th round of the Ukrainian championship. "Rukh" - "Dynamo" - 1:2. Match review, statistics
25.05.2024, 17:25

This weekend are the matches of the final - 30th round of the Ukrainian championship of the season 2023/2024. On Saturday, 25 May, Rukh and Dynamo Kyiv met. The match took place in Lviv at the Arena Lviv stadium.

Photo — Alexander Popov

Ukrainian Championship. 30th round

"RUH (Lviv) - Dynamo (Kyiv) - 1:2 (0:0)
Didyk (63) - Diallo (52), Tsarenko (77)

Warnings: Roman (60), Kvasnitsa (66) - Diallo (83)

"Ruch": Ledviy - Sliubik, Sliusar (Pidgurskyi, 78), Sych, Roman (Lyakh, 62), Didyk (K) - Pastukh, Talles, Pluman (Fedor, 78), Kvasnitsa - Karabin (Runich, 53).
Reserves: 1.Gereta, 4.Kholod, 7.Klimchuk, 10.Pritula, 20.Dos Santos, 60.Nepeipiev, 73.Lyakh, 75.Kitela, 89.Stolyarchuk.

"Dynamo": Nesheret, Karavaev, Popov (Sirota, 62), Bilovar (Mikhavko, 74), Dubinchak - Shepelev, Andrievskiy (Dyachuk, 64), Voloshin (Malysh, 46), Diallo, Buyalsky (K), Tsarenko, 46) - Benito.
Reserves: 51.Morgun, 74.Ignatenko, 2.Vivcharenko, 22.Kabaev.

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The match started with Rukh attacking, which took the initiative from the first minutes and looked, let's be honest, better and sharper. Kyiv, being in a rather experimental lineup, acted more from defence and counted on counterattacks.

According to such a rather pragmatic game, the first dangerous moment in the match occurred only on the 22nd minute, and that after a mistake from Dynamo players when playing the ball near their gates. The hosts applied high pressure and gained possession of the ball, bringing Brener to the striking position, but Nescheret coped with the Brazilian's shot. This moment only gave more confidence to Ponomarev's team, which continued to play the first number one.

"Dynamo" started to play more lively only at the end of the first half, creating only one dangerous moment: after Bujalskiy's shot from the right edge of the penalty area along the goal line, Plumen had to kick the ball to the corner, because Benito was already ready to shoot at an empty goal. That was the end of all the interesting events in the first half.

After the break, the game was completely transformed thanks to a quick goal from the Bilo-Syni. Andriyevsky took a great feed from a corner, and Diallo won the fight on the first floor and shot with his head - 0:1.

The conceded goal forced "Rukh" to go forward with all their might, because in case of defeat the team would not qualify for the European Cup next season. Having made several substitutions, the Lvivians still achieved their goal - after a corner kick, there was chaos in the Dynamo penalty area, which was taken advantage of by Didyk and successfully played on a shot from a few metres - 1:1.

Further - more. It seemed that the game was under the control of "Rukh", which continued to actively attack Nescheret's goal. Several times our team was saved by the defenders, blocking the shots of Talles and company. However, Kyivians managed to score again - after a quick counterattack Dubinchak hit the bar, but Tsarenko was the first on the rebound, who shot from a few metres into an empty net - 1:2!

In the remaining fifteen minutes of the game Rukh tried to save the game and snatch a draw, which would allow the team to finish in the European Cup zone. However, Shovkovskiy's charges managed to successfully play in defence in the final minutes of the match, securing the victory.

As a result, Dynamo ends the 2023/2024 season in the UPL in the second place in the standings with 69 points.

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