Romanian media: "Ukrainians were selling themselves on the field, not playing"

2024-06-18 12:50 Romanian journalists admire the performance of the national team. They write that this team has written ... Romanian media: "Ukrainians were selling themselves on the field, not playing"
18.06.2024, 12:50

Romanian journalists admire the performance of the national team. They write that this team has written a new history in the tournament. Local media compare Ukraine to the Colombian national team, which once played Romania at the World Cup and also had many star players, but failed to meet expectations. Journalists recognize that Ukraine has good players, but in the match against Romania they were trying to sell themselves individually rather than acting as a team.

Serhii Rebrov, Viktor Tsygankov, and Heorhii Sudakov. Photo: Getty Images

Gazeta Sporturilor

"Galactic Romania has earned its place in history! The brightest victory of the Tricolor at the European Championships," the Gazeta Sporturilor journalist showered the Romanian team with compliments, but also urged everyone not to forget that at the moment Romania has not even guaranteed itself a playoff spot, as there are still two difficult matches ahead.

- It's important that Romania has made a name for itself and is back in the final tournament, whether it's the Euros or the World Cup. In the end, this is what we all live for, especially if you are a big football fan. And this was not just an ordinary football match.

The intensity, preparation, communication with friends, the atmosphere, being at the stadium... It's priceless! More important than any Romanian derby, more important than any championship match, more important than sympathy within the country, more important than anything. The anthem, sung by tens of thousands of hearts, touches your soul, you feel like you can move mountains. The many images of joy and emotions, as the players say, are difficult to describe in words. I wish each of you to have such an experience at any time!

Ours put in a lot of heart and soul, pushed from behind by fantastic support. In many moments, it seemed like our players were playing in Bucharest! And the thought flies to the match with Colombia 30 years ago. For those who saw this fabulous game. Ukraine, like Colombia back then, has a bunch of star players. Romania, just like then, has a soul, success and desire more than its opponent. It is not names that play football, but people.

The vaunted Real Madrid goalkeeper was constantly making mistakes. No wonder Courtois pushed him out of the lineup in the Champions League final. It was Lunin who scored the first goal for Ukraine. The second half of the game was even better. Ukraine is a master of comebacks, which is how it got to the Euros after losing to Bosnia and Iceland. The team that returns to the battlefield. Sudakov was annoyingly good. But he was also selfish. He wanted to stand out too much. Mudryk is a super talent, but he doesn't care about his partners! Lots of bright personalities, but no team. Each Ukrainian seemed to be selling himself, trying to stand out. This led to two more goals in their favor. At least one more goal was scored by Lunin, who was catching butterflies that day.

Romania coped with a very difficult task in the match against Ukraine. Our team not only managed to win, but defeated the opponent 3-0 and won an impressive victory in the history of performances in the final tournaments. We have taught the Ukrainians a real football lesson and are starting to dream of a memorable campaign in Germany! Stanciu, Marin and Dregus helped us to win a historic victory! All of our players were heroes before the tournament even started, but it is very important that they remain heroes!


"A game that needs to be told with tears in your eyes!" - the journalist of the ProSport website believes that the Romanian national team has become the main sensation at the European Championship, but this is only the beginning of the journey for Jordanescu's team.

- "We are experiencing something fantastic and we have to open our souls to take it all in. Open your eyes, then wipe your eyelids. And then start crying with happiness, we have a reason! This is the most beautiful version of the national team in decades! And no, this is not an exaggeration! Just imagine that we are leading 3-0 over the Ukrainian national team, the quarterfinalist of the last European Championship. And we can even say that we could have won more. Isn't that fantastic?

Even when our players made mistakes and were forced to retreat to their penalty area, we felt that we would not break. We survived the match against a stronger opponent. It seems that every time the Tricolors made a mistake, two other players came from somewhere and helped their teammate to fix the situation! The team of the steel generation - this is what Edi Iordanescu's team for Euro 2024 really is!

At the Allianz Arena, the Romanian national anthem is played again after the match. As a story, our Euro 2024 debut begins with the anthem before the match and then sounds after a spectacular victory. Regardless of how this tournament ends for Romania, our players have already given us a reason to be proud. Blessed are those who have children and grandchildren to whom they can tell these stories! The generation of men of steel trained by Edi Iordanescu is the face of a country that we have missed for too long, painfully long.


"Romania shone in its debut match at the European Championship. It was a real football lesson for Ukraine," the Click! journalist believes that Serhiy Rebrov's team underestimated the Romanian national team and was not ready for what was happening on the field.

- Romania made a confident debut in the first round of the Euro 2024 group stage, where it showed its best in a match against Ukraine on Monday in Munich. At the packed Allianz Arena, where more than 30,000 Romanians gathered to support the Romanian players, the Tricolor managed to teach the Ukrainians a lesson in football, winning 3-0.

The pace was exciting from the first minutes of the game: both teams quickly made it clear that they would not back down and neither team would give up too easily. Often, the difference in cost between the teams was not visible at all - Ukraine's players are four times more expensive than Romania's, but our country successfully coped with the "onslaught" of the opponents.

The first shot on goal for our national team was struck by Florinel Coman, who in the 7th minute sent the ball straight into the hands of Andriy Lunin without causing him any problems. The first half was chaotic, with Romania trying to find the goal several times. The first goal, which was crucial, was scored after a shot by Stanciu, who "knocked out" the Real Madrid and Ukraine goalkeeper. 10 minutes later, the same Stanciu was one step away from causing problems for Romania's opponent again after a corner kick, but Lunin intervened in time. In fact, Stanciu scored 15 goals for the national team, eight of them in official matches, becoming the second captain to score at the Euros, after the Spaniard Alvaro Morata.

The second half began again with a mistake by Lunin, who conceded Romania's second goal. The Tricolor did not give the Ukrainians much time to recover, and just four minutes later Romania scored again, this time through Denis Dreges. With Janis Haji replacing Dennis Man, Romania continued to create in the center of the field, even if it was not reflected on the scoreboard. Ukraine was unable to offer anything to our team. Romania has two more "jumps" to go: On June 22, when it meets Belgium, in Cologne, and on June 26, when it meets Slovakia, in Frankfurt. This is the sixth time Romania has participated in the European Championship final tournament after the tournaments held in 1984, 1996, 2000, 2008 and 2016, with the best result achieved in 2000, when Romania even reached the quarterfinals.

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