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Открытое письмо Пьерлуиджи Коллине. Английская версия, вариант 2

2013-08-12 17:54 Dear signor Collina, We felt it to be our duty to reach out to you, given ...

Dear signor Collina,

We felt it to be our duty to reach out to you, given the events which have taken place in Ukrainian football over the course of last year.

Unfortunately the efforts of one financial organisation, one football club and its president have created a mechanism for the purpose of suppressing all and every sporting principle in the national footballing community, and what’s more you represent one of the branches of this mechanism.

Not for one minute, dear honourable signor Collina, do we feel the need to mention the names of the club and its president. We believe you have had enough time to acquaint yourself with our country and thanks to your experience and professionalism understand the principles which rule over Ukrainian football. We are aware that you cannot oppose the mechanism and that in all probability you have never committed yourself to such a task. We clearly understand that you, giving your consent to head the referees’ establishment, expected to eliminate a whole range of objective deficiencies and raise the refereeing quality to a new professional level. But the time has passed, and you cannot but see that improvement of the refereeing quality is out of the question. And that is related primarily not with your procedural mistakes, but with the fact that Ukrainian referees are under the strongest of pressures from that category of persons your native country classifies as mafia. We have no doubt that with your professionalism you have long ago understood that when your supervisees enter the football field they serve not football, not Themis, not sport principles, but Mercury, the other principles, and the other tasks. And all your efforts are absolutely futile, when you attempt to change something whilst not being able to change the referees’ conscience and morals. You are helpless to change anything in the referees’ establishment which is corrupted to the core, as it lives with its own deformed and degraded set of values. You, signor Collina are not poor and therefore we will not accuse you of taking on your mission out of financial gain. But any attempt to make your supervisees objective and unbiased specialists is doomed to unavoidable failure. Knowing you as an intelligent and uncompromising person we even won’t make any certain examples, because that would mean to question your professional qualities and suspect that you don’t know or misunderstand something. We ask you to make a crucial and resolute step – openly withdraw from the assumed position due to its impracticability and total hopelessness and leave our country with your moral standing still intact. We want to assure you that by this step you will do for our football, our refereeing and our self-awareness significantly more than if you keep on with your vain efforts to teach your employees that which they successfully use today as professional methods for achieving the result required of them. And this is where they have become visibly more proficient! We are sure that by making this civil action you will significantly raise your reputation in the eyes of the global society that many years tracks in terror of the mafia-style vector of development of the Ukrainian state and football as a mirror of domestic relations. Our football has sunk in corruption and lies, in expedience and mafia-style relations. Your refusal from continuing the cooperation with such a system will become the brightest proof of its total paralysis and your honesty, decency, and commitment to your principles. You will fail with this futile work, you will not roll this stone up the hill, because the current structure of the football property will never loosen its deadly grip on all the encroached directions. We are both in a similar situation: we have nobody to rely on in this rotten to the core mechanism, as you have nobody to be supported by in that noble but impossible mission you've burdened yourself with. And no matter how many times you explain to your employees the principles and rules of football refereeing, each of them, entering the field, perfectly remembers who exactly he needs to be afraid of when making his decision. And this person is not you, signor Collina, but you can easily vocalize this name personally. You are a servant of football Themis, sincere and professional servant. But there's already no place for this goddess in Ukrainian football. And it means that it’s time to start thinking whether there is still a place in it for you.

With deep and sincere respect, Ukrainian football fans


P.S. Автор перевода - Vladimir Tanenkov (Tanenkov)

12.08.2013, 17:54
12.08.2013, 17:54
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