tournament in Switzerland. Dynamo U-19 - Valencia U-19 - 3:3, pen. - 4:5

2022-07-30 22:01 In the semifinal match of the international youth tournament FC Aesch Under 19 International Football Tournament, ... tournament in Switzerland. Dynamo U-19 - Valencia U-19 - 3:3, pen. - 4:5
30.07.2022, 22:01

In the semifinal match of the international youth tournament FC Aesch Under 19 International Football Tournament, the youth team of Dynamo Kyiv (U-19) met with their peers from the Spanish Valencia. Recall that thanks to the best difference between goals scored and conceded in their group, the people of Kiev took first place, and Valencia in the parallel quartet became the second.

FC Aesch Under 19 International Football Tournament. semi-final

"Dynamo U-19" (Kyiv, Ukraine) - "Valencia U-19" (Spain) - 3:3 (1:2), on penalties — 4:5
Goals: Filatov (35), Balaba (44), Benedyuk (56, pen.) - Isa Nyare (17), Hugo de Mateo (22, 49).

Removed: Carlos Igual (32) (Valencia).

Dynamo: Avramenko, Benedyuk (C), Sizonyuk, Bilokon, Filatov, Balaba, Salenko, Matkevich, Slyusar, Gorbach, Dzen. The following came out for replacements: Kremchanin, Yanchishin.

The people of Kiev started the fight actively, Salenko especially attracted attention at the beginning of the meeting, whose shot was first managed by the goalkeeper, and later the defenders were able to cope with his dangerous cross into the penalty area on the right. Another blow from the Dynamo players missed the goal. The opponent, on the other hand, acted on counterattacks, and once Avramenko had to save his team after the opponent went one-on-one - Yuri approached the opponent in time and knocked the ball out, he was picked up by the Valencia player, but our defenders had already intercepted the further pass to the penalty area.

Meanwhile, the initiative in the match was seized by the Spaniards. They were able to translate their next moment into a goal scored - a set piece led to a goal. After a cross from the corner mark, Isa Nyare remained unattended in the penalty area of ​​the Ukrainians, who, in a fight with our defender, was able to send the ball into the net with his head, putting his team ahead. Soon, Valencia managed to score the second goal, and it seemed that it turned out quite easily: Hugo de Mateo received the ball in the penalty area, moved a little, beating our defender, and with an aimed shot shot past Avramenko, doubling the score.

The task of the Dynamo players to recoup was somewhat simplified by the removal of the opponent - Igual played roughly on the flank against Dzhen. And a few minutes after that, the people of Kiev were able to reduce the backlog in the score also with the help of a set piece: after a corner was taken, the goalkeeper managed to cope with the first kick of our player, but Filatov was the first to finish off, who sent the ball into the net — 1:2.

At the start of the second half, the Kievans pressed their opponents to their goal and managed to win back one more goal, restoring parity in the score. The set piece that Matkevich earned on the left flank and undertook to fulfill himself became effective again. A cross into the penalty area followed, where Nazar Balaba was the first on the ball - 2:2.

However, the joy of Dynamo did not last long - in a matter of minutes, Valencia also converted a free kick. Hugo de Mateo sent the ball into the nearest "nine" of Avramenko's goal with a direct kick from 18 meters, scoring a double in this meeting.

Equalizer from "Dynamo" did not take long - the "bats" player played a hand in his own penalty area, and the referee pointed to the "point". The penalty was taken by the captain of the "white-and-blue" Artem Benedyuk, who shot from the bottom in the center, while the goalkeeper fell to the side - 3:3!

At the end of regular time, the ball ended up in the Valencia goal net for the fourth time, but at that moment, Kremchanin was offside after Yanchishin's pass. Therefore, with an equal score, the semifinalist of the tournament had to be determined in a penalty shootout.

The teams went exactly to the last, fifth blow. Despite the "football tricks" from the goalkeeper of Valencia, who tried to provoke the Dynamo team, Kremchanin, Matkevich, Gorbach and Slesar accurately shot. But Beneduc, who undertook to carry out the decisive blow, could not outplay the Spanish goalkeeper.

It should be noted that the decisive fights for prize-winning places of the tournament will be held on Sunday afternoon. The match for the third place, in which our team will play, will start at 12:00, and the final duel at 14:00. The rival of Dynamo will be the loser in the parallel semi-final pair Juventus - Fulham.

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