Inter - Benfica - 1:0. Champions League. Match review, statistics

2023-10-04 00:01 On the 3rd of October one of the matches of the Champions League in football took ... Inter - Benfica - 1:0. Champions League. Match review, statistics
04.10.2023, 00:01

On the 3rd of October one of the matches of the Champions League in football took place. Inter (Milan) and Benfica (Lisbon) met.

Интер - Бенфика - 1:0. Лига чемпионов. Обзор матча, статистикаИнтер - Бенфика - 1:0. Лига чемпионов. Обзор матча, статистика

Champions League

Inter ( Milan) - Benfica (Lisbon ) - 1:0 (0:0)
Goals: Thuram (62)

Warnings: Lautaro Martínez (67), Barella (68), D. Dumfries (70), Cristian Aslani (90+5).

Review of the match Inter vs Benfica:

Inter Milan won a tense encounter against Benfica in the UEFA Champions League at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza. The match was a tightly contested affair, with both sides showing their skill and determination on the pitch. The score remained tied at half-time at 0-0, and the fans were in suspense until the final whistle. The match started with an active exchange of ball between the teams, who were finding weaknesses in each other's defence. In the 23rd minute Benfica made an early substitution, releasing A. Bach instead of T. Araujo. This move should have given the attacking play a new impetus and upset Inter's back line. However, in the 62nd minute Inter still took the lead. M. Thuram put his name on the score sheet with a successful goal, celebrating with his partners to the roar of the home crowd. The goal gave the match a new impetus, forcing Benfica to look for equal chances with even more fervour. Inter's advantage was consolidated in the 67th minute when L. Martinez received a yellow card. The midfielder's aggressive play required caution in the remaining minutes to avoid a penalty that could have changed the course of the match. The situation was further complicated by N. Barella, who received a yellow card just a minute later, which further increased the pressure on the team. In an attempt to get back into the game, Benfica made consecutive substitutions. In the 68th minute, Rafa Silva replaced Chiquinho, and a minute later, O. Kokku replaced P. Musa. These tactical changes were aimed at bringing fresh ideas and attacking prowess to Benfica's game.

In the 70th minute, Inter's D. Dumfries received a yellow card, which further intensified the atmosphere of rivalry. As time went on, the rhythm of the game fluctuated between highlights and defensive resilience, and in the final minutes the teams made numerous substitutions in an attempt to conserve energy and secure victory. In the 73rd minute, Inter replaced M. Thuram with A. Sanchez, and M. Darmian replaced D. Dumfries. Dumfries. The tactical manoeuvres of both sides showed a deep understanding of the importance of fresh strength and versatility to achieve a positive result. "Benfica" also sought to breathe new life into their attack. A. Di Maria replaced D. Jurasek in the 80th minute and J. Bernat came on in place of A. Cabral at the same time. These changes were meant to add creativity and unpredictability to Benfica's attacking line, looking to equalise. In the 84th minute Inter Milan were not slow to respond with their substitutions. F. Dimarco came on in place of Carlos Augusto, and H. Calhanoglu replaced K. Asllani. These substitutions showed Inter's resilience and adaptability in maintaining the advantage in the score. As time waned and the tension reached its limit, the teams made their final substitutions. N. Barella was replaced by D. Klaassen, and Klaassen was substituted. K. Klaassen, and K. Aslani's participation in the match ended on a sour note - in the 90th minute he received a yellow card. The yellow card epitomised the intensity of the game and Inter's desire to win at all costs. In the end, Inter emerged victorious, winning with a 1-0 scoreline. The team's resilience and ability to capitalise on the few chances they had was crucial in this tense encounter. Both teams showed their skill and determination in great football, leaving the fans excited for the next Champions League encounter.

The next round of fixtures awaiting the rivals are Inter vs Salzburg and Benfica vs Real S-dad.

Интер - Бенфика - 1:0. Лига чемпионов. Обзор матча, статистикаИнтер - Бенфика - 1:0. Лига чемпионов. Обзор матча, статистика

Statistics of the match Inter - Benfica:

Inter Benfica
6 Kicks to the goal 2
18 Kicks 5
4 Blocked shots 2
11 Penalty kicks 4
7 Kicks from outside the penalty box 1
8 Offences 4
5 Corner 4
3 Offsides 2
47% Ball possession 53%
3 Yellow cards 0
0 Red cards 0
2 Keeper saves 5
418 Total assists 496
347 Accurate assists 417
83% Accuracy of passes 84%
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