Everton fans: 'Mikolenko is one of the best defenders in the history of football' (VIDEO)

2023-12-11 08:12 Everton fans continue to admire the game of their Ukrainian defender Vitaliy Mykolenko, who helped the ... Everton fans: 'Mikolenko is one of the best defenders in the history of football' (VIDEO)
11.12.2023, 08:12

Everton fans continue to admire the game of their Ukrainian defender Vitaliy Mykolenko, who helped the Toffees to a 2-0 win over Chelsea yesterday.

Many call him not just the best player of the match, but also the best Everton player for the last 1.5-2 months. According to the fans, Mikolenko has been progressing so quickly lately that there are simply no wingers in the APL now who could feel confident playing against the Ukrainian defender. Toffees fans are already keeping a list of Mikolenko's "victims", who could not do anything in the confrontation with the Ukrainian. After the fight with Chelsea, this list included several more players.

Vitaliy is so popular among Everton fans that they are already jokingly making collages on which the Ukrainian wins the Ballon d'Or in 2024 and other prestigious awards.

Vitaly Mikolenko (right) in the match against Chelsea

Lea: Dad, tell me about how Mikolenko stopped Almiron, Gibbs, Sterling and Palmer over the course of 8 days.

Woods: Mikolenko is the best, or one of the best in the Premier League today. But Everton are not in the top 6, they are fighting for survival. That's why journalists pay so little attention to him. Many of them would rather write for the hundredth time about a Liverpool or City player than watch the matches of teams from the second half of the table.

Joe: I think Sterling nearly cried trying to beat Mikolenko for once. The lad probably thought he'd rather sit on the bench than embarrass himself on the pitch.

Smokey: I don't want to overdo it, because Mikolenko is still young and still learning. But he is by far the best left-back in the world today. And one of the three best left backs in the history of football.

Brunsy: Another masterclass from Mikolenko. Chelsea's wingers on the right wing just didn't know what to do.

Joe: The 20 minutes or so between Everton's first and second goal, Mikolenko was simply outstanding.

Fut: Not only can he now defend well and attack much better.... He has finally become strong psychologically. He doesn't give up even when his teammates make mistakes. Plus that smile when he wins a rebound! I think the Chelsea players were furious after that smile.

Bobble: A few words about Vitali Mikolenko. The left-back interrupted his holiday to return early to Everton, took on an extra workload in the gym and underwent intensive training to improve his one-on-one game. Many are writing about the merit of the coaching staff and rightly so. But it's important not to forget that Mikolenko works very hard. Perhaps the most of anyone in the team. And here is the result.

Phil: That trademark smile of Mikolenko, when he stops the best wingers in APL.... I love that smile. It always means that we see one of the best players in the history of our club.

Godfrey: Probably the best left-back in the league at the moment, and there's no bias in that. Mikolenko is simply a quality player with the right attitude to football.

Moshiri: Unpopular opinion, but I'm convinced that his problems before this season had more to do with the winger playing in front of him than a lack of talent. Without good co-operation on the wing it's hard to make it everywhere.

EFC: Today he just threw the tens of millions of pounds Chelsea have spent on strengthening the attack into the bin. Where was Palmer? Where was Sterling? That's right, they were nervous and angry that things weren't working out because of Mikolenko.

Rogers: No player has improved more under Dyche. You have to give him credit: he's been one of our most consistent players all season. But it seems like he still has room to develop.

Pringles: He's progressing so quickly it's just unreal. His performances of late have been brilliant, today was a masterclass in defence, Palmer and then Sterling were completely helpless in attack.

Heller: Mikolenko? He was fantastic. The fact that Everton are getting out of the bottom of the table is a credit to the coaching staff and Mikolenko. I do not want to offend other players, but none of them plays so consistently good as the Ukrainian.

Yozz: The best player of the season, in my opinion, at the moment. I mean not only Everton players, but the whole Premier League. Unfortunately, almost all the attention is on the forwards, but players like Mikolenko deserve to be talked about more.

Mint: Phenomenal transformation. I was one of his fiercest critics and was in favour of Everton getting rid of him. Well, it will be an important lesson for me. Mikolenko is a model for anyone who wants to improve. Well done! This man deserves the best words!

Will: The most progressive player this season, unequivocally. Outstanding last couple of months. He was the best player of the match again today.

Lee13: My favourite player at the moment! He's probably always been so talented, but he hasn't had that stability before. He's taken himself to a new level. He's so good that there's not a single winger in the Premier League who wouldn't be afraid to face the Ukrainian.

Mac: He can play on equal terms with any right winger in the league! That's the biggest compliment I can give him. There is no right wing attacking player in the Premier League who is better than Mikolenko at the moment! Not only did he play great in defence, he dominated his opponents with the strength of his body and total commitment. Mikolenko seems to have gained physical mass lately, which helps him to win almost every single fight.

Datton: I've always defended Mikolenko. When people said he was crap, when he played erratic and made mistakes. I always said to wait, the guy is going through a difficult phase in his life. I don't just mean a change of scenery, I mean a war. And now I was right. The best defender in the Premier League is playing for Everton.

Burro: It's funny, but I have to repeat again and again my words that I first said a couple of months ago: "Mikolenko played his best game for Everton". Yes, that's not a mistake. Because with every new match he plays better and better. The hundreds of millions of pounds that Chelsea spent on attack were useless against one Mikolenko, who "ate" in turn all the best wingers in the Premier League. He is simply a magician!

Anton Prokopov

Mikolenko's actions in the match between Everton and Chelsea:

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