Championship of youth teams. "Dynamo vs Chornomorets - 4: 0. Match report

2024-03-01 16:01 On Friday, 1 March, Dynamo Kyiv met Chornomorets Odesa in the 19th round of the Ukrainian ... Championship of youth teams. "Dynamo vs Chornomorets - 4: 0. Match report
01.03.2024, 16:01

On Friday, 1 March, Dynamo Kyiv met Chornomorets Odesa in the 19th round of the Ukrainian Youth Championship. This match was a home match for our team and took place in the arena of the Bilo-Syni's country club base in Koncha Zaspa. It is worth noting that in the previous rounds, Dynamo scored 42 points and finished second in the standings. Chornomorets was in 14th place with 15 points.


U-19 Championship, 19th round

"Dynamo-Chornomorets- 4: 0(1: 0)

Goals: Ponomarenko (35, with a penalty), Kremchanin (49), Bilyi (84), Gusev (88).

"Dynamo: 1. Gudymenko (71. Surkis, 87), 20. Gusev, 5. Syzonyuk, 4. Zakharchenko, 6. Kotukha (15. Dykyi, 87), 14. Ishchenko, 22. Osipenko, 8. Bilyi, 7. Kremchanin (17. Kalin, 87), 10. Matkevych (k) (16. Yanchyshyn, 68), 11. Ponomarenko (9. Lobko, 68).

"Chornomorets: 1. Pirozhok, 2. Debelko, 3. Citizen, 5. Markov, 11. Hopkalo, 71. Melnyk, 20. Drach (14. Venik, 62), 22. Bozhek (9. Shchekotylin, 62), 21. Bakalarov (13. Kaptenko, 76), 7. Pshenychniuk (16. Chebonenko, 85), 23. Sytnikov (19. Pylypenko, 46).

The match started very actively, primarily thanks to the actions of Dynamo. They immediately moved the game to the opponent's half of the field and made several dangerous attacks. One of them almost became productive - after a long shot, goalkeeper Pirozhok made a stunning leap to clear the ball from under the crossbar for a corner.

"Chornomorets defended more and acted on the counterattack, but our defenders stopped the opposition's attempts to approach the goal on the approach to the penalty area. Standard positions, in particular, corner kicks, also did not bring Odesa any fruit, as the home defenders won the upper hand in the penalty area.

Matkevych came close to scoring when he struck a low shot from around the penalty area, but the ball missed the far post by a few centimetres. The goalkeeper managed to deal with another shot by our players. But Dynamo's persistence was rewarded when the visitors brought down Ponomarenko in their penalty area, who was breaking through to the goal after a pass from Osipenko. Matvey himself took the penalty and did not waste his opportunity: the goalkeeper jumped into the corner and the striker scored in the centre - 1-0.

At the end of the half, Odesa took a rather dangerous corner, but after the rebound, none of the visitors' players could close the far post.

The second half also began with Dynamo's attacks, and if the first shot was just a little inaccurate, the hosts doubled their lead on the second attempt: after an attack on the left flank involving Matkevych and Kotukha, Gusev received the ball and brought Kremchanin into the striking position, who hit the goal with a well-aimed shot from the centre of the penalty area - 2-0.

Later, the game continued to be dictated by Kyiv, and Odesa could only rely on long shots and flank crosses into the penalty area, which our defenders dealt with in time. Husiev made a good break into the penalty area and fired a shot to the far post, but none of his teammates could close it out. And in the next episode, the Chornomorets goalkeeper had to help his team out by knocking the ball out for a corner.

In the middle of the half, Dynamo pressed the opponent to their goal and made several consecutive shots from the corner, but the guests fought back. Dynamo spent the last minutes of the match attacking and scored twice more: Bilyi brought the score to the big score, who, being slightly to the left of the centre, scored almost from the penalty area line into the far corner - 3-0. Soon after, Osipenko struck from outside the penalty area, and Gusev tucked the ball into the net.

It will be recalled that Dynamo U19 will play their next match in the Ukrainian Youth Championship on Wednesday, 6 March, away to Veres (Rivne).

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