Andriy Shevchenko: "We have changed the structure of the UAF"

2024-03-02 21:13 In an interview with Tribuna, UAF President Andriy Shevchenko spoke about the team of specialists he ... Andriy Shevchenko: "We have changed the structure of the UAF"
02.03.2024, 21:13

In an interview with Tribuna, UAF President Andriy Shevchenko spoke about the team of specialists he brought to the association.

Andriy Shevchenko

- Many people were surprised to see Mr Boychuk as the first vice president. Can you introduce him? How do you know him?

- I have known Pavlo Boychuk for over 20 years. He is a professional person whom I trust. He is an expert in both law and finance, and he is now covering most of the tasks.

- Why did you choose Oleksandr Shevchenko and Serhiy Rebrov as your vice presidents? As for Rebrov , it's more or less clear. The national team, the national team vertical, the system, the structure. As for Oleksandr Shevchenko, for what merits?

- The Lviv Association, which he heads, is one of the best in the country. The processes are clearly built there, it works effectively. There were very positive comments about Shevchenko as a team player. Now Oleksandr has every chance to prove it.

- Has he moved to Kyiv and is practically already working here?

- Yes, he is constantly at work at the Football House.

- One of the important roles in your team is that of the general secretary Ihor Hryshchenko. But he also worked in the previous UAF. Why did he stay?

- I know Ihor from my time with the Ukrainian national team. He is a competent specialist, well versed in the football system. And what is important, he has an unblemished reputation. He is an important part of the team.

- I also can't help but ask about two other people who have recently performed key functions - Oleg Protasov and Vadym Kostyuchenko. Did they remain in any status in the UAF?

- No, they didn't.

- Francesco Baranka. He stayed because he still has a valid contract, are you satisfied with his work as chairman of the Ethics Committee?

- His contract expires in a month, and we will talk to him about possible further cooperation. This is a very serious area. We will set new tasks for this unit.

- Previously, the UAF had six first vice presidents alone, and 14 together with the vice presidents . Is it enough for you to have one first vice president who is more focused on finance and the legal side, another vice president who focuses on the national teams, and another vice president who heads the children's and youth football committee?

- As you can see, there are no longer so many vice presidents in the UAF. We have changed the structure, identified areas, appointed people who will be responsible for these areas. When you create a compact team, the KPIs of both the team and each employee immediately increase. I made it clear that if you take responsibility, if necessary, hire specialists and work on your area.

- In recent years, the UAF has been closed to many media outlets. Will there be changes in the media team?

- I can say for sure: there will be. Because we need to reach a better level in the activities of this unit. I want it to be strengthened as well.

I won't talk about personalities for now. This is not about openness or closure. We need to work out the structure, understand where to strengthen, what to do. Understand who is not up to the mark, or vice versa - add responsibility to someone.

- Could you announce someone else from your team?

- I've only been in office for a month. My team will be formed and improved constantly. There will definitely be new specialists in it. We need those who will work effectively and change our football.

At first, I looked at the people I could come to the UAF with and talked to them. I needed some time to decide on the right candidates. If you take on such a responsibility, you have to prepare to come and start working seriously right away.


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