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Открытое письмо Пьерлуиджи Коллине. Английская версия, вариант 1

2013-08-12 17:40 Dear Mr Collina. We, the Ukrainian football fans, are forced to write to you in light ...

Dear Mr Collina.
We, the Ukrainian football fans, are forced to write to you in light of events that have been taking place in Ukrainian football for more than a year.

Regrettably, a certain financial group, certain football club and its president have created a mechanism of suppressing all commonly accepted sports principles and morals in all areas of Ukrainian football.

One of the areas that have been impacted by this mechanism is an area you currently manage.

We have no doubt that you know the club and president that we are referring to. Your experience and professionalism have surely allowed you to adapt to every day realities of our country, its people and the guiding principles that dominate Ukrainian football.

We realize that you cannot put yourself against the aforementioned suppression mechanism and have never assumed the task of doing so. We also realize that when you agreed to lead our referees, you had planned to eliminate a broad spectrum of known deficiencies, as well as bring Ukrainian refereeing to a new professional level.
As time has passed, you cannot ignore the fact there is no improvement to be spoken of. This, first and foremost, is not due to any fault of yours, but rather due to the fact that Ukrainian referees are under immense pressure from the type of people that are referred to as ‘Mafia’ in your home country. We do not doubt that given your professionalism, you have long since realized that when your subordinates enter the pitch, they do not serve football. They do not serve Justice. They do not serve the principles of sportsmanship. They serve a different deity, for different purpose and to accomplish a different task. Any attempts to reform Ukrainian referees without first changing their perception and life values are futile.

We believe that you are powerless to bring change to the fundamentally corrupt culture of our referees, as it continues to live life on its own accord, corrupt and perverse.

We understand that you are financially secure, and it is not the financial side of opportunity that has motivated you to accept your current role. Unfortunately, any attempt to turn your staff into just and unbiased specialists is destined to an inevitable failure. Baring in mind that you are an intelligent and uncompromising person, we will not outline any specific examples of your staff’s deficiencies. Doing so would underline that we doubt your professional qualities, and imply that we think you lack knowledge or understanding of your domain.

We ask that you take a resolute step that is in line with your image as a man of unwavering principles: publicly resign from the post you occupy as the head of referees for Ukrainian Football Federation and leave Ukraine, for tasks you have set out to accomplish are impossible.

We assure you that having taken this step, you will accomplish a lot more for Ukrainian football, referees and conscious fans than if you would if you continue futile attempts to inspire Ukrainian referees to achieve quality in their work. So far, the only quality we have seen is in the way the referees achieve results that are demanded of them by entities we’ve already mentioned.

We are certain that having taking this step, you will be regarded with tremendous respect from the side of world football community. A community that watches in horror as corruption in Ukrainian football manifests itself via continuous scandals, corruption inquiries, inadequate decisions made by the ruling body, not to mention proven examples of match fixing.
Our football is drowning in corruption and lies, perpetrated by criminals who lack basic moral principles. Your refusal to cooperate and accept our request will furthermore confirm the decay of our football, as well as cast doubt over your reputation as a just, truthful and sincere person.

Similar to Sisyphus, forever doomed to fail in his attempts at bringing the boulder to the top of the hill, you are doomed to fail in your attempts to reform Ukrainian referees. Corruption that has paralyzed our football with its deathly grip will not let go.

Understand that we the football fans and you are very alike: we have no one we can turn to in order to help us against this corrupt mechanism. Just like you, who cannot find support in your honourable but futile goal of bringing change. No matter how many times you will try to remind your staff the basic rules and principles of refereeing, each one of them will be overcome by fear of those who cast their shadow our sport and our society.
We are sure that you understand that it is not you they fear, and we sure that by now, you are familiar with whom and what they fear.
You are a servant of football justice system, professional and sincere. Unfortunately there is no place for Justice in Ukrainian football. The time has come to ask yourself whether Ukrainian football still has a place for you.

With sincere and deepest respect,
Ukrainian football fans.


P.S. Автор перевода - Артем Т (artemka)

12.08.2013, 17:40
12.08.2013, 17:40
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