Moldova - Czech Republic - 0:0. Euro 2024. Match review, statistics

2023-03-27 23:49 One of the matches of Euro-2024 took place on March 27. National team of Moldova and ... Moldova - Czech Republic - 0:0. Euro 2024. Match review, statistics
27.03.2023, 23:49

One of the matches of Euro-2024 took place on March 27. National team of Moldova and National team of the Czech Republic met.

Moldova v Czech Republic - 0:0. Euro-2024. Match Review, statisticsMoldova v Czech Republic - 0:0. Euro-2024. Match Review, statistics


Moldova - Czech Republic - 0:0 (0:0)

Warnings: Vladimir Kufal (48), P. Sevcik (88), M. Kaymakov (90+5)

Overview of the match Moldova - Czech Republic:

Soccer match between Moldova and the Czech Republic ended in a goalless draw, to the great disappointment of both fans. The game took place at the Zimbru Stadium, one of the most famous stadiums in Moldova. The match was part of a European Championship qualifying series in which both Moldova and the Czech Republic were aiming to advance to the next round of the tournament. The first half of the game was an intense struggle, with both teams fighting for possession and control of the midfield. Moldova was the more aggressive of the two sides, with a number of players testing the Czech goalkeeper with shots from long range. None of these attempts were successful, however, and the score remained 0-0 at halftime. In the second half, the Czech Republic took the field with renewed determination, but they again failed to make any real strides against Moldova's resolute defense. However, the game was not without dramatic moments: there were several substitutions and several yellow cards. In the 14th minute Moldova made its first substitution, releasing V. Damascan instead of M. Cojocaru. This proved to be an inspiring decision, as Damascan provided a spark that helped energize his team.

The Czech Republic thought they had the lead in the 27th minute when J. Kuchta scored, but the goal was cancelled due to offside. In the 48th minute, Czech player V. Kufal was given a yellow card for a foul. Moldova made the second substitution in the 59th minute: N. Motpan came on instead of V. Postolaki. The Czech Republic made a double substitution in the 73rd minute: A. Barak instead of P. Sevcik and J. Kuchta in place of M. Chytil. As the game progressed, it became clear that neither side would be able to break the deadlock. A flurry of late substitutions, including I. Nicolaescu for V. Steen in the 83rd minute and A. Glozek on O. Lingra in the same minute, could not change the final result. In the last minutes of the match both teams started to act more and more aggressively which resulted in two more yellow cards - one for P. Sevcik from Czech Republic and another for M. Kaymakov from Moldova - but still neither side could find the winning goal. In the end, a 0-0 draw was a fair result for both teams, although they would be disappointed not to leave the field with a victory. For Moldova, it was an impressive game defensively, showing that the team is capable of competing with some of the best teams in Europe. As for the Czech Republic, they still have a lot of work to do before they can be confident in their chances of advancing to the next round.

In the next round, the following matches await the opponents: Albania vs. Moldova and the Faroes vs. the Czech Republic.

Moldova v Czech Republic - 0:0. Euro-2024. Match review, statistics.Moldova v Czech Republic - 0:0. Euro-2024. Match review, statistics.

Match statistics of Moldova vs:

Moldova's national team. Czech Republic national team
2 Goals on goal 3
6 Kicks 16
2 Blocked kicks 3
5 Kicks from the penalty area 9
1 Kicks from behind the penalty box 7
11 Violations 13
2 Corner 5
1 Offsides 2
32% Ball possession 68%
0 Yellow cards 2
0 Red cards 0
3 Saves by goalkeeper 1
272 Total assists 555
153 Accurate passes 439
56% Accuracy of transmissions 79%
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