Chornomorets - Kolos - 1:0. Ukrainian Championship, 17th round. Match review, statistics

2023-12-10 16:55 On 10 December, one of the matches of the 17th round of the Ukrainian football championship ... Chornomorets - Kolos - 1:0. Ukrainian Championship, 17th round. Match review, statistics
10.12.2023, 16:55

On 10 December, one of the matches of the 17th round of the Ukrainian football championship took place. Chornomorets (Odessa) and Kolos (Kovalivka) met.

Черноморец - Колос - 1:0. Чемпионат Украины, 17-й тур. Обзор матча, статистикаЧерноморец - Колос - 1:0. Чемпионат Украины, 17-й тур. Обзор матча, статистика

Ukrainian Championship, 17th round

Chernomorets (Odessa) - Kolos (K ovalivka) - 1:0 (0:0)
Goals: Putrya (77)

Warnings: Zolotov (56), Guchek (64), M. Burda (84).

Review of the match Chernomorets - Kolos:

In a tense Premier League match held at the Chornomorets stadium, Chornomorets and Kolos Kovalivka met in a thrilling encounter. With the score at 0-0 at half-time, both teams showed impressive defensive play, making it a tightly contested match. However, a late goal in the second half allowed Chornomorets to secure a 1-0 victory over their opponents. At the start of the match, both teams showed a strong desire to take control of the game. The players demonstrated their skill and tactical competence, creating scoring opportunities, but the goalkeepers remained steadfast, preventing breakthroughs. The first half passed without goals, and the fans were eagerly awaiting the start of the second half. At the start of the second half, both teams made a number of tactical changes in an attempt to break the deadlock. In the 46th minute Chornomorets introduced S. Ayede instead of A. Avagymyan, hoping to bring a fresh attacking stream into the game. In response, Kolos Kovalivka replaced V. Luchkevich with N. Zolotov, trying to change the dynamics of the game. In the second half, the match intensified: players fought for possession and control of the ball. The midfield became the centre of attention, both teams fought for advantage. The game took a dramatic turn in the 56th minute when N. Zolotov of Kolos Kovalivka received a yellow card, extinguishing his team's hopes for an advantage. In the 61st minute Kolos Kovalivka made new substitutions: O. Ilyin came on instead of S. Myakushko, and V. Veleteni - instead of S. Bolbat.

The team hoped that these changes would allow them to make the breakthrough, which they needed so much. However, Chornomorets showed resilience and kept a solid defence. In the 64th minute a yellow card was shown to L. Guchek of Chornomorets, which reflected the tension of the match - the players fought for every ball. The tension continued to grow as the game approached the final stage. Both teams made regular substitutions: in the 73rd minute Kolos replaced A. Salabay with A. Totovitsky. In the 73rd minute Kolos replaced A. Salabay with A. Totovitsky, while Chornomorets released I. Putrya, who later played an important role in deciding the outcome of the match. In the 77th minute Chornomorets got the right to a penalty, which gave them the opportunity to open the defence of the opponent. I. Putrya realised the penalty, scoring the decisive goal of the match. The Chernomorets stadium erupted in jubilation when the hosts took the lead. In an attempt to get back on track, Kolos Kovalivka made the last substitution in the 80th minute, replacing V. Milko with P. Orihovskiy. Chornomorets fought valiantly to restore parity, but Chornomorets kept their advantage. At the half-time whistle Chornomorets came out victorious, gaining a difficult victory over Kolos with the score 1:0. The match showed the competitive spirit and determination of both teams, but in the end Chornomorets won thanks to a well-executed penalty. The fans left the Chernomorets stadium satisfied with the spectacular football. Chernomorets players celebrated a hard-won victory and kept their position in the Premier League. And here "Kolos Kovalivka", despite the defeat, can be proud of their game, because they provided worthy resistance.

In the next round the rivals are waiting for such matches: Obolon - Chornomorets, Veres - Kolos.

Statistics of the match Chornomorets - Kolos:

Chornomorets Kolos
1 Blows in the centre of the net 2
5 Blows 7
0 Blocked punches 0
0 Penalty kicks 0
0 Kicks from outside the box 0
5 Offences 6
2 Corner 6
1 Offsides 1
57% Ball possession 43%
1 Yellow cards 2
0 Red cards 0
0 Keeper saves 0
0 Total assists 0
0 Accurate assists 0
0 Accuracy of transmissions 0
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