25th round of the Ukrainian championship. "Dynamo vs Polesie - 3:0. Match review, statistics

2024-04-21 19:51 This weekend there are matches of the 25th round of the Ukrainian championship of the season-2023/24. ... 25th round of the Ukrainian championship. "Dynamo vs Polesie - 3:0. Match review, statistics
21.04.2024, 19:51

This weekend there are matches of the 25th round of the Ukrainian championship of the season-2023/24. In one of them on Sunday, 21 April, Dynamo Kyiv and Polesie Zhytomyr met. The match was held in Kyiv at the Dynamo stadium named after Valeriy Lobanovskiy.

Photo — Oksana Vasilieva

Ukrainian Championship. 25th round

"Dynamo (Kyiv) - Polesie (Zhytomyr) - 3:0 ( 1:0)
Vanat (32), Shaparenko (51), Buyalsky (77)

Warnings: Kushnirenko (38), Kravets (61), Fortune (69) - Buyalsky (75)
Remissions: Kravets (63, repeated warning)

"Dynamo": 1.Buschan - 24.Tymchik (20.Karavaev, 84), 4.Popov, 32.Mikhavko, 2.Vivcharenko - 10.Shaparenko (8.Shepelev, 84), 18.Andriyevskiy - 7.Yarmolenko (30.Diallo, 78), 29.Buyalskiy (K), 22.Kabaev - 11.Vanat (21.Supriyaga, 78).
Substitutes: 35.Nesheret, 25.Dyachuk, 34.Sirota, 37.Tsarenko, 40.Bilovar, 44.Dubinchak, 77.Benito, 99.Ponomarenko.

"Polesie": 1.Kudryk, 3.Kravets, 44.Chobotenko, 13.Taylor (K) (29.Smolyakov, 56), 15.Mikhailichenko, 77.Kushnirenko, 55.Krushinsky (6.Tankovskiy, 69), 95.Mustafayev (37.Talles, 46), 59.Kozak (14.Fortune, 46), 7.Nazarenko, 9.Luifer (10.Petryak, 78).
Reserves: 33.Pospelov, 71.Boyko, 19.Rasko, 25.Checher, 27.Ivanov, 30.Shabanov.

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"Dynamo", as in the previous matches, tried to put the opponent under total pressure from the first minutes, and Shovkovskiy's wards managed to do it: the game in the opening segment of the match took place exclusively on the guests' half of the pitch. However, the Bilo-Syni did not bring the matter to the actual sharpness, but in the 10th minute of the game the first counter-attack of Polesie ended with the most dangerous shot of Kozak from the right corner of the goalkeeper's area, after which the ball whistled over the near crossbar.

Further Kyivians continued to persistently "smother" the guests in their half of the field, across its width and at good speeds, but the more time passed, the more Polesie adapted to the actions of Dynamo. As a result, closer to the middle of the half Dynamo's advantage began to look, in fact, positional. However, it is impossible not to mention Buyalskiy's shot from outside the penalty area in the 23rd minute of the game, when after a ricochet the ball flew over the crossbar. A minute later, after Shaparenko's flank diagonal, Mikhavko hit a very dangerous header - over the crossbar.

Dynamo's efforts in attack resulted in the result on the 32nd minute of the match: Yarmolenko, accelerating the attack of his team on the right flank, with a perfect pass brought Vanat one-on-one with Kudryk and the latter did not miss his chance - 1:0.

"Polesie", having conceded a goal, tried to change the course of the game, significantly improved the control over the ball, began to force the Dynamo players to defend more often, but could not achieve more in the first half. But Dynamo were close to developing their success just before the half-time whistle - Andrievskiy shot from the right flank from 27 metres and the ball almost hit the far crossbar.

But in the very opening of the second half nothing prevented the Bilo-Syni from scoring the second goal: on 51 minutes of the match Dynamo's prolonged attack ended with Shaparenko's shot from the left corner of the penalty area, after which the ball arced into the far top corner - 2:0.

In general, the second half was also held with full advantage of Dynamo. At the same time, on the 63rd minute of the game Polesie was left in the minority: the guests' defender Vasyl Kravets was suspended for the second yellow card. And two minutes later Kyiv almost brought the score to a big one: Andriyevskyi dashingly shot from a free kick, the ball went round the wall, flew into the far corner, but Kudryk managed to save his team. And in the 70th minute the ball ended up in the gates of Zhytomyrians after Vanat blocked Vivcharenko's shot, but due to offside this goal was not counted. Two minutes later, Yarmolenko failed to realise a one-on-one opportunity, missing the goal from 10 metres. However, even in this situation was recorded offside. Finally, in the 75th minute the same Yarmolenko tried to hit the Polesie goal with a heel kick from the goalkeeper's area - it failed.

However, on the 77th minute Dynamo's third goal took place: Buyalsky efficiently played in the selection near the Polesie penalty area, played with Vanat and sent the ball into the secta from an acute angle - 3:0. Dynamo attacked in the remaining time of the match, but the scoreboard did not change again this evening.

After this result, Dynamo scored 54 points, still occupy the second place in the championship standings and are one point behind the leading Shakhtar, but the Donets have played one less match.

In the next round Dynamo will face Dnipro Dnipro-1. This meeting will take place next Saturday, 27 April, in Dnipro at the Dnipro Arena stadium (kick-off - at 13:00).

Oleksandr POPOV from the stadium "Dynamo" named after Valeriy Lobanovskiy

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