Control match. Dynamo - Shkendia - 1:0. Match review, transcript

2023-02-06 17:52 On Monday, February 6, Dynamo Kyiv played another test match at the off-season training camp in ... Control match. Dynamo - Shkendia - 1:0. Match review, transcript
06.02.2023, 17:52

On Monday, February 6, Dynamo Kyiv played another test match at the off-season training camp in Turkey. This time, Mircea Lucescu's team tested their strength against the backdrop of Shkendia from North Macedonia.

test match

"DYNAMO» (Kyiv, Ukraine)"SHKENDIA» (Tetovo, North Macedonia) — 1:0 (1:0)
Longwijk (45)

"Dynamo": (1st half) — 35.Neshcheret, 44.Dubinchak, 3.Bol, 25.Dyachuk, 20.Karavaev, 18.Andrievsky, 22.Lonveik, 24.Pashko, 19.Garmash (K), 7.Kabaev, 41.Ponomarenko; (2nd half) — 35.Neshcheret (51.Morgun, 65), 44.Dubinchak (2.Gusev, 73), 4.Popov, 6.Burda, 94.Malysh, 5.Sidorchuk (C), 37.Tsarenko, 14.Vasilets, 77 .Benito, 91.Voloshin, 11.Gorbach.

"Shkendia" (starting lineup): 1. Zakhov, 23. Velia, 4. Beitulai, 22. Dita, 17. Shala, 10. Hasani, 18. Ramadani, 7. Chinari, 8. Totre, 11. Maksimov, 84. Milev.

Match transcript >>>

Dynamo started this match very actively, and already in the 2nd minute of the meeting created the first scoring chance: Andrievsky filed to the Shkendia goal from a free kick, where Garmash shot straight from 7 meters, but the goalkeeper of the Macedonian team managed to react.

However, despite such a “hot” start, closer to the 15th minute, the game leveled off and noticeably calmed down. For some time it passed under the sign of Dynamo's positional advantage, but closer to the middle of the half, Shkendia began to seize the initiative.

And soon the Macedonians not only took full advantage, but also created several dangerous chances at the Dynamo goal. And in two cases, the people of Kiev were on the verge of a missed goal. So, in the 25th minute of the match, Shkendia's attack ended with Hasani's header from a deadly distance without any interference, but he managed to miss the target, thereby forgiving Dynamo for the failure in defense. And five minutes after the Macedonians gave a corner from the right flank, Beitulay hit with a header, the ball hit the crossbar, bounced on Ramadani, who was playing on rebounds, but hit above the goal.

At the end of the half, Dynamo began to act more confidently in defense, and it seemed that things were heading towards a “dry” result of the first half, however, in the 45th minute, Shkendia “brought” a goal to itself: Zakhov knocked the ball right at Garmash, who instantly assessed the situation, gave a pass to the free Lonwijk, who opened the score 1:0 with an immediate shot from the penalty area line. And that's where the first half ended.

The second half of the reporting match was held in a more chaotic manner. The Macedonians were the first to create a scoring chance after the break: in the 56th minute of the meeting, Velia beat Khasani in the central zone in touch, punched from 10 meters without interference, and Dynamo rescued Neshcheret by kicking the ball. Seven minutes later, Shkendia was again close to a goal - it was Hasani who delivered a cannon strike from 20 meters, and the ball almost struck the crossbar of the Dynamo goal.

In the second half of the second half, the Kievans managed to seize the positional advantage, but did not create sharpness at the Shkendia goal. As a result, the match ended with a minimal victory for Mircea Lucescu's team with a score of 1:0.

Let us add that Dynamo will hold its next sparring at the training camp in Turkey next Saturday, February 11. This time, the opponents of the Kyivans will be another representative of North Macedonia - Sileks (the meeting starts at 16:00 Kyiv time).

Alexander Popov

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